The Popcorn Stand: Yes, we do have a 'Stirling' backyard

Never heard of Lindsey Stirling until I came across a video of her the Porterville Chamber of Commerce posted on its Facebook page.

The Porterville Chamber posted Stirling's music video for her song “Artemis.” It's amazing. The video was simply mesmerizing. I couldn't take my eyes off it.

I fell in love with Stirling. With her music. With the scenery. Of course I should have recognized the scenery which was also absolutely mesmerizing.

It was Balch Park. Stirling decided on Balch Park as the backdrop for her video. And no wonder. The imagery of Balch Park was absolutely the most perfect place imaginable for Stirling's video.

Balch Park is truly one of the gems of this area. And thanks to the amazing work of Cal Fire and other Tulare County agencies, it's still one of the gems of this area.

Thanks in no small part to prescribed burning and the amazing work of Cal Fire and other heroic firefighters we still have a Balch Park because it wasn't lost to the Sequoia Complex. And thanks to their amazing work, a target date of June 15 has been set to reopen Balch Park at least on a partial basis.

So because of their work talented people like Stirling can continue to use gems like our Balch Park to completely mesmerize us.

Like I said I had never heard of Stirling until I saw the video posted by the chamber. The best way I can describe Stirling is she's a one-woman version of the Trans Siberian Orchestra with a lot less synthesizers.

I looked up some info on her and she's referred to as an American violinist, songwriter and dancer. Like I said a one-woman version of the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Her music genres have been described as including classical, pop, rock and electric dance music and I'm not sure but I think all those were contained in her Artemis video. She's known for her choreographed violin performances, which again is demonstrated in her Artemis video.

Apparently she first came to fame in 2010 on “America's Got Talent” in which she was a quarterfinalist. What? Just a quarterfinalist? You mean there were at least four people on that show that year that were considered to be more talented than Stirling?

Another word that comes to mind when I watch Stirling's Artemis video besides mesmerizing is haunting. But in a good way. Her video really stays with you. It really does haunt you. But again in a good way.

And the backdrop of Balch Park obviously has a lot to do with that. Gems like Balch Park when you go to visit there have a way of staying with you, continuing to haunt you. But again in a good way.

I would love to go to a Lindsey Sterling concert someday. To watch her choreographed violin performances in person. And when she plays Artemis I would imagine that I was at Balch Park.

Ther Artemis video can be viewed here: Warning — it is mesmerizing. And haunting.

Charles Whisnand is the Porterville Recorder Editor. Contact him at or 784-5000, extension 1048.

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