Yes, it's a difficult time. But every year on March 21, a smile comes to my face because I think of Marisa Servantes singing Aerosmith's “Dream On.”

I mean a smile always comes to my face whenever Marisa sings “Dream On.” Especially that part when she yells out “DREAM ON! DREAM ON! DREAM ON!” It's adorable.

You see Marisa has Down Syndrome and today is World Down Syndrome Day. But I don't think of Marisa as having Down Syndrome.

Not that she's embarrassed by the fact she has Down Syndrome. She deals with her Down Syndrome pretty much the way she deals with everything else in her life. It's just another part of her life.

But when I see Marisa, I don't see someone with Down Syndrome. I see someone who has a sharp mind who can tell you the song that's playing on the SiriusXM 70s radio channel as soon as it comes on.

World Down Syndrome Day is held on March 21 because Down Syndrome is also known as trisomy 21 which is caused by the presence of all or part of a third copy of the 21st chromosome.

And you want a form of escapism today wear the craziest socks you can find. Wear any kind of mismatched socks you have. Wear socks that are different colors and have all kinds of different patterns.

So why do something as silly as wear crazy socks on something as serious as World Down Syndrome Day? Because crazy socks represent the diversity, uniqueness, inclusion and acceptance of our world. Even in a time of social distancing. The website Down's Syndrome Scotland also talks about how chromsomes look like socks.

I know with social distancing and all that you likely won't be able to go out Saturday and show off your crazy socks. But you can show off your crazy socks on Facebook or Instragram or whatever intertubes/social media thing you choose to start a conversation on why your wearing crazy socks in the first place.

I know many people will be doing that Saturday. I know Marisa Servantes will be doing that today.

And I know Marisa Servantes is still taking the advice to “Dream On.” Even in these difficult times it's advice we all need to be taking.

Charles Whisnand is the Porterville Recorder Editor. Contact him at or 784-5000, extension 1048.

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