There’s just something about these little kids even if Tyler Skiles had a little trouble at first explaining why she wanted to show pygmy goats.

“I don’t know,” said the 12-year-old from Springville 4-H. But Skiles admitted she got involved with pygmy goats when she saw her 8-year-old brother Maverick with them.

“My brother started them so I wanted to,” she said. Then Tyler said what really brought her to pygmy goats. “They seem fun.”

A lot of people are having fun this weekend at the Sizzling Summer Pygme Goat Show being held at the Porterville Fairgrounds. About 55 families are showing around 200 goats at the show which began last night and continues today and Sunday.

The event is a Golden State Pygmy Association show. The Association covers Central California and the Central Coast.

Along with those from Central California and the Central Coast there are people here from Northern California as well, so the show is providing a nice little economic benefit for the Porterville area. The show is also a National Pygmy Goat Association sanctioned event.

This is the fourth Sizzling Summer Show but the first being held in Porterville, which also hosts the Orange Blossom Show in February.

In past years the show has been held at the Kern County Fairgrounds but those who participate in the show wanted to move it from August to September and the Kern County Fairgrounds were unavailable.

Based on this year’s participation, Porterville could replace Kern County as the host for the Sizzling Summer Show.

Most of those who are showing goats are showing in all three shows this weekend. There are 148 goats in the youth event which began on Friday night, 180 goats in Saturday’s open show and 134 goats in Sunday’s open show. 

“This is the biggest show we’ve ever had,” Golden State Pygmy Association treasurer and membership coordinator Penni Rogers said.

Tyler and Maverick are showing five goats together this weekend.

It’s logical for younger 4-H youth to show pygmy goats beginning at age 5 because they are the largest animals 4-H youth can show at that age. 

Tyler also said to be successful at showing the goats you must work with them every day. “I like working with them,” she said.

But it’s not just youth who show the goats as ages 5 to 105 can participate. There will be those in thir 60s and 70s participating this weekend.

The youth showmanship was held last night and youth classes events will begin at 8:30 a.m. today. Saturday’s open show will begin sometime early this afternoon and Sunday’s open show will begin at 8:30 a.m. There are different classes for does, castrated males, bucks and based on age.

“We’re crazy goat people,” said Rogers, who’s also on the livestock committee and pygmy goat department chair for the Porterville Fair. “I have 20 on my property right now. We go all over the place to show our goats.”

Many of this weekend’s participants recently participated in the national convention in Boise, Idaho.

“The goal of our association is to promote the breed,” said Rogers, who also is a part of Vandalia 4-H and lives in Terra Bella.

“They’re just like a dog. They’re just super sweet. I’ll even have them in the house with me.”

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