First the good: This week has been a blessing in many ways. Rain, Rain, and more rain to come. Much needed snow in the mountains to help our drought. I'm a Christian and like everything else this was an act of God. I try to live a Christian life, but often times fail due to selfishness, forgetfulness, or just plain “the Devil made me do it.”

The Bad:With the blessing of the rainfall comes some danger to my property. I live on the river, but it poses no harm since I'm about 15 feet above the normal water level. After the first 10 feet the river would have to fill the whole valley from Pleasant Oaks drive, across the golf course and up my side to endanger my house. However!!! Highway 190 starts to flood and and drains onto the property next to me. his unimproved property has the ability to drain to the river, but vehicles using the dirt road have carved a path which makes the runoff turn and flow into my street. This overpowers the drains and I spent Monday night trying to divert the water which was about 2 inches from my door sill.

More Good: The Tulare County Fire Department responded within a reasonable time, especially considering there were a lot people in worse shape than me. They helped me change some of the water flow in my yard and said public works would be out to clean mud and gravel from the street that was causing some of the problem. Another blessing came the next morning when I went to the fire station to fill some sand bags. I'm about a year and half short of 80 so this wasn't going to be easy. I had filled one bag with a goal of six when some kindhearted people showed up and filled my bags before I collapsed. They filled seven bags and would have done more before I asked them to stop. I offered to pay them for their work but they refused even when I insisted!! This town has some really nice people and I pray that some day I, or someone else, can return the good deed.

The Ugly: Last weeks column made reference to Keven McCarthy's failed attempts to gain Speaker of the House. I had included a sentence that included part of his problem was an endorsement from “The Donald” or words to that effect. The Recorder removed that from the column. Now I have had years of journalistic experience including formatting pages and fitting columns, stories, pictures and ads into a page. And I know the page editor probably needed to remove one or two sentences to make it fit. But what he didn't consider was the impact that sentence had on the overall tone of the column. I would had preferred to have the font decreased, a call asking which part should be taken out, or the column continued on another page.

Closing thought: The Democrats need to acknowledge they're spending other people's money and money we don't have. They have to accept the only way that's going to happen is to reduce government and things we don't need. The Republicans need to learn we need infrastructure, defense, and Pubic Safety. They must raise taxes to accomplish this. Both parties must get together, which is probably not going to happen, and balance the budget. I'm not an economist, but even with my limited knowledge of how it works, I know if you spend more than you have, pretty soon you have nothing and owe a bunch. Due to the fact all — with a few exceptions — politicians are seeking power and need to secure their reelection, this will never happen. If you think AOC or Keven McCarthy aren't seeking the above you haven't been listening!

Bill White is Retired Air Traffic Controller/Commercial Pilot who lives in Springville.

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