Porterville Rotary Club hosted a Dog Show at Porterville Fair grounds on Saturday, September 28, at 11 a.m. in the morning, and about a dozen dogs entered the show, with some winning multiple prizes.

Many of the dogs in the show were rescues, and they all had sweet dispositions. Ruger a large black lab mix was helping his owner Whitney Blair raise foster dogs. Googie, a little black and cream color Chihuahua, wore a hat to the show, and charmed everyone who met her. Her parents, Brianna Baker and Demetrius Gonzalez, call her “their daughter,” and said they hoped she won the competition. “This dog show is such a nice event. We hope it becomes a yearly tradition,” Gonzalez said.

Sally Wilson entered her pug “Goldie,” in the show, and “Lucky”, a gray poodle was entered by Cheryl West.  Ida Gomez, entered her elegantly groomed long haired golden  Pomeranian, “Pikachu,” in the show.

“I’m just thrilled and excited to have my Chihuahua, “Peanut Butter” in the show,” said nine-year-old, Annalyse Owen, proudly.

Sitting on the bleachers not so far away, were Addison Sanpietro, 16, and her younger brother Anthony, “Tony.” They said, “This is Brody, our long haired Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix. The dog show is a really fun way to raise money for the community.”

The show was informal and outside in the middle of the fairgrounds between buildings. Rotary Club member and Master of Ceremonies Judy Holloway helped organize the show, and welcomed everyone, and said, “We are excited to be here.. This is our first time and thank you for bringing all your beautiful puppies to the show. There were two Dog Show local judges helping decide the competition and categories.

The show was free to the public, but to enter a dog in the show was $6 and paperwork had to be filled out. Holloway said, “The judges have all your papers, and please walk your dog in a circle.” Will Lloyd, who was taking videos asked if people bringing their dogs into the ring would please bring them into the ring and say their names.

Three Chihuahua and Chihuahua mixes entered the ring to win the prize for the smallest dog and Googie completed against Peanut Butter and Brody. The little dogs all wanted to play, but Googie lay down. She won the Smallest Dog Prize ribbon. And Brody received 2nd prize.

The Biggest Dog, was the next competition, and a large Malinois mix named “Mitch” owned by Alan Neal entered the ring, and Ruger the big Labrador with Whitney Blair, his owner, and a large boxer, and her owner. “Mitch” won the prize for the Biggest dog, and “Ruger” came in second. 

Holloway announced, “There are a lot of different dog breeds involved in the show, and they are all very beautiful. And they all deserve a prize.”

Only one dog in the whole show did tricks, and that was a well-trained Corgi, who rolled over, and sat down for treats, and did a few other tricks.

Two dogs, “Googie” and “Sally” won the “Best-dressed” prize ribbon. “Sally” a small-medium Chihuahua mix was up for adoption by Porterville Animal Control, who were at the fairgrounds. “Bella” Pet-of-the-Week in the Porterville Recorder was adopted after the dog show.

The Dog with the Longest Tail category was won by “Ruger” the  Black Labrador, who received a first prize ribbon, and “Lady” a Pitbull and Shepherd mix won a second prize ribbon. 

The last category of the day was the Tail Wagging Contest was won by “Lady.” Her owner and parent Isaac Vasquez, was thrilled and he said, “The Porterville Rotary Dog Show was a great experience and I encourage people to come next year. It was fun and adventurous.”

Holloway thanked everyone for coming and attending the show, and besides prizes dog owners received raffle prizes of baskets filled with goodies and toys for their dogs. “I appreciate all who came out this way to attend the dog show,” she said.

“I think the dog show is a great way to get the community together. And I hope the show grows over the years. It was fun. Googie won first prize for the Smallest Dog and first for the Best Dressed Dog,” and she seems to be a complete natural,” said parents Gonzalez and Baker.

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