During the Sierra View Medical Center Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday evening, a discussion was had among the board regarding the changing of the board’s bylaws. 

The board’s legal counsel presented the item as a proposal to change the bylaws to add a paragraph stating if any member of the board was to violate any of the rules or regulations that govern the board, that member can be censured after being given a notice and an opportunity to correct their violation. The addition also includes an establishment of a hearing should any violation occur, and the inclusion of an indictment by a Grand Jury and the removal from the hospital board.

While legal counsel did say the addition is somewhat strange, the board was asked to review the proposed changes, and to discuss the proposed changes at their next meeting before considering them for approval.

While a majority of the meeting revolved around annual reports, during the public comment portion of the meeting, a handful of letters were submitted that expressed concern about the upcoming board election, and the zoning issues that have arisen as husband and wife are running for individual spots on the board this election.

After two letters specifically named Doctor Gautama Pandya and his wife, Jyotsana Ela Pandya, and expressed fear if they were to both be elected to the board, Pandya demanded to be given the names of those who submitted letters for public comment and stated it was against the board’s policy to read letters on record if they are submitted anonymously. 

The next meeting for the Sierra View Medical Center Board of Directors is scheduled for November 24. To view upcoming and previous meeting, please visit https://livestream.com/svmc

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