The Sierra View Medical Center Board of Directors met on Monday evening where they took action to change their regular meeting times and discussed the possibility of adding a term limit for each seat.

Chairman of the board, Dr. Kent Sorrells, PhD, said that there has been previous talk of moving the meetings from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. and beginning closed session at 4:30 p.m. instead of 3 p.m. This item was quickly approved, as it had been previously discussed by the board and no discussion was needed.

The last item discussed by the board was the possibility of setting term limits for each representative on the board. Dr. Bindusagar Reddy, MD, requested that term limits be reviewed by Sierra View’s legal counsel, Mr. Alex Krase, at a previous meeting. 

Krase said that for term limits to be set for the board, the law requires that it must be voted on and approved by voters and must go through a measure process, which he says would be time consuming and could cost quite a bit of money.

Sorrells asked what kind of terms the board was looking into, and the consensus seemed to be around two terms of four years for each seat.  But before the term limits can go to the voters, it must be approved by the board first.

Dr. Gaurang Pandya, MD, asked Krase what the state of California term limits for senator and or legislative was. Krase stated that he did not have that information off hand. Pandya then asked legal counsel what the term limits were for the U.S. Senators., in which Krase replied under the Federal system there are no term limits except for president.

Pandya said that the healthcare system and it’s inner workings are hard to understand, and that term limits may harm the learning processes of representatives on the board. He said that experience is valuable on a long term basis for members of the board and says it may not be good to limit an elected directors term.

Before it went to a vote, Krase said there were three ways to go: approve the item, table it for further discussion, or decline the idea of setting terms for board members.

The board decided to table the item in order for legal counsel to provide them with more information at a future meeting.

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