Success Lake is open on a limited basis, but much of Success Lake's features aren't open to the public now and not just because of COVID-19.

A major construction project and the low water level of the lake has also caused many areas at Success Lake to be closed.

The Success Lake wildlife area is now open for activities such as hiking and horseback riding. Calvin Foster, Chief of the Southern Operations Branch for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District, said there has been number of people who have taken advantage of the wildlife area for horseback riding.

He said the parking lot for the wildlife area is open and can accommodate horse trailers. “There's a lot of people that basically take advantage of that,” said Foster about the wildlife area for horseback riding.

But the wildlife area is still closed off to major events. That means another traditional event held every year that's always popular has become a victim to COVID-19.

The annual Junior Pheasant Hunt and event for Wounded Warriors has been canceled this year. The two events have been held annually on the same weekend just before Thanksgiving.

“Unfortunately we're unable to issue permits to certain huge events and large gatherings because of COVID-19,” Foster said. “We're hopeful that conditions change sooner than later but as of right now that's not the case.”

Boat launch facilities and day-use recreation areas are open at Success Lake. But use of campgrounds, group picnic shelters and playgrounds aren't permitted at this time.

And the availability of the boat launch facilities and recreation areas have been reduced and not because of COVID-19.

There are three boat launch areas at the lake, but two of them are closed due to the lake's low water level. The Tule Point low water ramp by the Marina remains open.

And the Rocky Hill Recreation Area is closed due to a major construction project. Ground has been broken on Phase I of the enlargement of the Schafer Dam at the lake. The project will raise the elevation of the lake to reduce the downstream risk of flooding while increasing the water supply of the lake.

Phase one of the two-phase project is now underway which includes realigning Avenue 146 on the southwest side of the lake. The road currently passes through the spillway and becomes inundated during high-water encroachment.

The realignment will reduce road closures due to flooding. Phase II of the project will include widening the 200-foot-wide spillway to 360 feet wide and constructing a 10-foot-high concrete Ogee Weir across the spillway.

†he project will also provide armoring for the Highway 190 bridge that passes over the lake’s Tule River South Fork, and add additional rock slope protection for Frazier Dike, located on the northwest side of the lake.

Phase One construction is expected to be complete in summer 2021, with Phase Two completion expected in 2023.

Foster said as a result of the project Rocky Hill Recreation Area will be closed for at least a year and up to two years.

For more information about the Tule River Spillway Enlargement Project, visit the project web page at

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