Success Dam

Success Dam has officially been dedicated to Richard L. Schafer, the long-time Tule River Water Master. Congressman Kevin McCarthy announced the name change for the dam on the White House Floor on June 21.

On June 10, the House of Representatives unanimously passed H.R. 2695 to name Success Dam, located in Tulare County, after Richard L. Schafer, the longtime Tule River Water Master.

Yesterday, June 21, Congressman Kevin McCarthy, who introduced the piece of legislation for the name change, presented on the House Floor and shared some of his thoughts.

“Last month, I proudly introduced legislation, H.R. 2695, to name Success Dam, after Mr. Richard L. Schafer, the long-time Tule River Water Master. Last week I was pleased to see this bill pass the House of Representatives by unanimous consent,” said McCarthy. “For decades, Mr. Schafer has demonstrated unparalleled commitment to ensuring our families, farms, and communities get the water they need to live and work.

“A major part of this commitment includes his years-long persistence to enlarge Lake Success. Doing so would increase flood protection to communities and farmland below the dam. And as Californians know, more water storage means more security from the inevitable times of drought that put a strain on our way of life.

“The good news for Tulare County is that in 2018, the Army Corps of Engineers fully funded work to raise the dam. I stand here to state with confidence, that without Mr. Schafer’s leadership this project might not have been approved.

“This is because no matter how contentious water issues can get – and in California they can be quite contentious – Mr. Schafer has always been the consummate professional – always remaining even-keeled and results-focused.

“It is only appropriate and fitting that Success Dam be named after Mr. Schafer. I want to thank my colleagues in this Chamber for coming together and acknowledging the individuals who work hard and make our communities better. But most importantly, I want to thank Mr. Schafer for his continued leadership and service to our community.”

McCarthy wrapped up his speech on the floor with one final statement.

“This is a much-deserved honor.”

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