Students in Strathmore Middle School’s STEP Up Challenge team have stepped it up for their school and community.  

Under the supervision of their advisor, Katie Meehan, students identified a need within their school and community and saw far too many vehicles quickly sped down Orange Belt Drive, a busy road that runs alongside the west of their campus. 

Students began researching ways to slow traffic down and reached out to Johnny Wong of Tulare County’s Resource Agency. Wong came out to the school and quickly saw the need for a radar speed sign. Students called Kuyler Crocker, their area Tulare County Supervisor and he let them know this item would be on the Board of Supervisors agenda for approval. On Friday, January 10, staff and students were ecstatic when they saw a radar sign being installed on their busy road.

“It feels like I have the power to make things safer. I walk across the street with my little brother who is in second grade.  Before the sign was up I didn’t feel safe because of how fast the people were going and because people drive crazy. Now when I walk to school I can hear the cars slowing down once they see the sign,” seventh grader Noah Moore said.

“It’s been really rewarding to watch the students as we went through this process. They felt so empowered when they found out that the sign had been installed as a result of their efforts. It was encouraging for them to see how many people in the community supported them. Teachers, school administration, and county officials all came together to make the students’ vision a reality,” student advisor Katie Meehan said. 

“Strathmore Middle School is a Leader in Me School and we are empowering our students to have a voice. They are all leaders and we want them to know that they lead the way in their life. I am very proud of them,” Strathmore Middle School principal Joanie Stone said.

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