Harmony Magnet Academy seniors Jacqueline Castillo and Maria Cervantes will be having an ethical fashion show for their senior project on Friday, March 27 at 6:50 p.m. in the Multi Purpose room at Harmony Magnet Academy. 

Pre-sale tickets are going on sale at local high schools for $3. Tickets at the door on March 27 will be $5.

Models will wear clothes Castillo and Cervantes made or refashioned, using second hand or vintage clothing.

“We will be explaining where we found the pieces. And I will be making a few of the items,” said Cervantes. “We have found clothing items in local thrift stores like Salvation Army and Value Village, and we plan on alternating some of the clothing and adding different prints to outfits and separating clothing to create completely new things.” 

“Maria and I make an amazing team,” said Castillo, “because we split the work and have different skills. I do more of the technical work on the fashion show, and talk with our advisors. I will be back stage managing and organizing our helpers for the show.

Maria does more of the creative thinking, and is arranging the fashion show decoration and clothing. She has done most of the choosing and designing of the clothing, and alterations, and I will be helping her.”

Cervantes said the show is themed around nature, spring and flowers. She said the plants and flowers will be used for decorations for the show and those attending can take photos. 

Greeters will hand out fashion show programs, with music designed to be soothing in the background. 

Before the show starts Cervantes and Castillo will explain the purpose of their show. They said they want everyone to know clothing can be reused and less wasteful. Money from the ticket show will be donated to the Family Crisis Center emergency shelter.

Eighteen models will be presenting three different styles in the show. The business inspired outfits will be a unique take on formal clothing, using different colors and wearing sneakers. Next, traditional Mexican wear will consist of dresses and mariachi inspired outfits. The streetwear segment will be baggy clothing in unique colors, patterns, and materials.

There will be a party after the show with music, and a snack of roasted elote with toppings of mayonnaise, hot Cheeto dust, or cheese provided.

There will also be goody bags and a small water bottle placed on every chair.

Castillio and Cervantes said they saw the list of possible senior projects, and they both liked the idea of a fashion show using second hand clothing, because you can often find better quality clothing made of good fabric for less money, than the cheaply made popular clothing that’s made with synthetic fabric made with toxic materials.

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