Well at least it’s not supposed to be 100.

The consistent 100 degree temperatures in Porterville were finally expected to end today, but barely. And even though the temperature may fall below 100, it’s still going to be 5 to 10 degrees above normal for this time of year.

What’s also normal for this time of year is a slight chance of showers. But whatever moisture that will be seen will be virtually all in the mountains.

The Valley did see some light rain on Monday as a few sprinkles were reported in Fresno. As far as any chance for any kind of sprinkles on the Valley floor, National Weather Service meteorologist Andy Bollenbacher said today and Wednesday “will be more robust,” using a relative term to describe whatever light showers may fall on the Valley floor. The chance of showers and thunderstorms will remain virtually all in the mountains.

Bollenbacher added the sparse moisture activity will be “nearly done” by Thursday. But also coming by Thursday night will be the beginning of a welcome lower change in the temperatures.

Porterville’s high was expected to be 101 on Monday. It’s expected to hover around 100 today and Wednesday with a high of 99 expected both days, the National Weather Forecast stated.

Thursday’s high is expected to be 98 and then a gradual decline is expected to 95 on Friday, 93 on Saturday and 90 on Sunday, which is more in line with the normal this time of year.

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