SACRAMENTO (AP) — These California lotteries were drawn Tuesday:

Daily 3 Evening


(four, seven, six)

Daily 3 Midday


(zero, five, five)

Daily 4


(seven, four, four, five)

Daily Derby

1st:7 Eureka-2nd:1 Gold Rush-3rd:10 Solid Gold, Race Time: 1:44.66

(1st: 7 Eureka, 2nd: 1 Gold Rush, 3rd: 10 Solid Gold; Race Time: one: 44.66)

Fantasy 5


(two, fifteen, seventeen, nineteen, thirty-six)

Estimated jackpot: $75,000

Mega Millions

09-16-29-37-53, Mega Ball: 11, Megaplier: 2

(nine, sixteen, twenty-nine, thirty-seven, fifty-three; Mega Ball: eleven; Megaplier: two)

Estimated jackpot: $53 million


Estimated jackpot: $51 million

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