overnor Gavin Newsom's office updated the state's policy on Wednesday afternoon when it comes to what mask requirements will still be in place when the state fully opens its economy this Tuesday, June 15.

The Cal/OSHA board was also holding a special meeting on Wednesday to reconsider guidelines on whether to still essentially employees in a workplace to still have to wear masks unless everyone in the room is fully vaccinated.

State Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly held a teleconference on Wednesday providing an update on what the state's mask guidelines will be, beginning on Tuesday. The guidelines can be seen here: https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/COVID-19/guidance-for-face-coverings.aspx

Ghaly stated the guidelines will still call for unvaccinated people to wear masks in most indoor settings. The guidelines will also call for even those who are vaccinated to wear masks in high-risk settings such as in public transit and in schools.

Those fully vaccinated will be allowed to do almost everything they were able to do before the pandemic without wearing a mask, including grocery shopping or going to a bar, restaurant or gym. As far as if business will have the authority to require people to be vaccinated to receive service, the answer is yes.

Ghaly said businesses will basically have three options: To go by an honor system in which people entering say they've been vaccinated; to implement a vaccination verification system; or to require everyone to wear a mask.

If a business has adopted a policy in which it uses an honor system as far as people being vaccinated, if someone walks into that business without a mask, then the business should consider that person has self-attested they've been vaccinated, Ghaly said.

The state policy prohibits any business from denying service to customers who choose to wear a mask. “No person can be prevented from wearing a mask as a condition of participation in an activity or entry into a business,” the policy states.

Masks will still be required for everyone in the following places: Any form of public transportation. Those who fly will be required to wear a mask as the Transportation Security Adminstration has extended the mask requirement through September 13.

Everyone will also still be required to wear masks at hospitals and long-term care facilities, K-12 schools and childcare facilities. Teachers and students will still have to wear masks indoors at school, but those fully vaccinated won't have to wear masks at school while they're outdoors.

Masks will also still be required for everyone at prisons and homeless shelters.

While it will obviously be difficult to monitor state guidelines will still call for those who aren't fully vaccinated to wear masks in all public indoor places.

As far as amusement parks like Disneyland while capacity limits will be lifted, beginning on Tuesday, those attending amusement parks will still have to wear a mask.

When it comes to major indoor events such as sporting events and concerts in which there will be a crowd of more than 5,000, vaccinations or proof of negative COVID-19 test will be required. For outdoor events in which the crowd will be more than 10,000, vaccinations or proof of negative test won't be required, but will be strongly recommended.

If a business has information posted visibly about the new guidelines (that unvaccinated people still need to wear masks) and someone walks into a business without a mask on, that should be interpreted as someone self attesting they are vaccinated, Ghaly said.

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