While the situation as far as COVID-19 in Tulare County continues to improvement, popular traditional events in the area continue to be affected.

For the second straight spring the Springville Sierra Rodeo won’t be held. The rodeo that had always been held the last weekend of April every year and was scheduled to be held April 23-25 this year won’t be held again.

The Springville Sierra Rodeo Association posted the announcement last week on its Facebook page, but adding it hoped to have some kind of an event in the fall.

“Howdy folks, been a while since we’ve reached out and we figured we were about due for an update. This isn’t the answer we were looking for,” the association posted on its Facebook page. The association added, though, “but it does appear to have light at the end of the tunnel.

Unfortunately, we will NOT be holding a spring Rodeo in 2021 due to the ever changing landscape of the health department and state mandates.”

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the Springville Sierra Rodeo Association would also hold its annual Bull Bash bull riding event every August as well. The association posted on its Facebook page it hopes to build on the Bull Bash to hold some kind of event in the fall.

“We’ve decided to put our efforts toward a fall event in the hope things won’t be quite as fluid come that time. Think an expanded bull bash. More info will be released here as we hammer it out.”

The Springville Sierra Rodeo Association has continued its work as far as the Springville Rodeo Grounds is concern, noting on its Facebook page there is now a new hospitality booth for staff and competitors. “Top notch facility right there,” the association posted on its Facebook page.


The Porterville Fair Board posted on its website it will make an announcement on the fate of this year’s Fair on April 9. The fair is scheduled to be held May 12 through 16 this year.

A youth livestock sale will be held again whether the fair happens or not. That’s what happened last year when a youth livestock sale was held even though the fair had to be canceled.

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