Six registered nurses from all over the country have come to Sierra View Medical Center, providing much needed staff for the hospital.

Tammie Holmes of Harstell, Ala., David Lee from Oak Ridge, Tenn. And Jennifer Nattrass from California will all work in ICU; Som Baccam from Des Moines, Iowa will work in medical/surgery; and Maribeth Maglasang and Charvi Mirasol, both from Houston, will work in the emergency department.

The nurses come to Sierra View as a result of Sierra View Chief Nursing Officer, Dr. Jeffery Hudson-Covolo, making a request for additional staffing to the California Department of Public Health. The nurses come to Sierra View through the state's Emergency Medical Services Authority.

"These additional nurses will allow us to continue to deliver high-quality care and give some relief to some of our nurses who have been working a lot of overtime to make sure that our patients have nurses," Hudson-Covolo said. “I'm overjoyed that we have had some relief.”

Holmes has been a nurse for 12 years and worked in a COVID unit in her previous position. “Coming to California to help with the pandemic was something I felt I needed to do. So I'm looking forward to being here,” she said.

“I'm coming here to help where help is needed most,” Lee said.

Baccam has been a travel nurse for two years. “When I hear that California has a high need, I was real excited to come down,” she said.

Maglasang has been a nurse for eight years. “I just saw how California just needed a lot of help so I decided to come down and help as well,” she said.

We just want to help out California,” Mirasol added.

“SVMC thanks these nurses for choosing to come to SVMC! We are grateful for the much-needed help,” the hospital stated.

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