Determination, long hours, and perseverance paid off for 12 seniors Sprtans as they received some well-deserved funds on scholarship night at Strathmore High School, on Tuesday, May 9.

Scholarship monies totaled $131,800, and senior Gerardo Saldivar received $90,000 with the U.S. Army G.I Bill. 

Willow Werlhoff received $27,000 from nine different scholarships that included monies from Tulare County Cattlewoman and Cattleman’s Clubs, the Strathmore Town and County Club, Tulare County Association of Realtors, the Porterville Fair Heritage Association, the Norman L. Norris Scholarship, an FFA Ag Boosters Scholarship, and last but not least Colorado State University Academic Achievement Award, and Rockford School District.

Jadon Guire  received scholarships totaling $6,450 from five local groups and clubs, including Exeter Optimist Club and Key Club International, and George Lockridge Scholarship.

Miguel Samano received $4,200 in awards, with $3000 coming from the Tom Shimasaki Alumni Scholarship and $1000 coming from the Beatrice Tidball Scholarship fund, and George Lockridge Scholarship.

Jose Pena Garcia received a $1,000 from the Association of Mexican American Educators and the Tille Borbon Vidrio Memorial.

Kevin Yang received $400 in awards ($200 each from Lucille Strad and Hazel Rankin), and Nancy Vazquez received a $300 award from Pohlman Boller. 

Jose Delgado received $700 from the Fostering Legacies Scholarship, and $250 from the Porterville Emblem Club.

Kimberly Becerril received $400 from the Tulare County School Boards Association and $200 from Frances Noble Gault. 

Jessica Rodriquez received a Spartan Scholarship of $150 and $100 from Ralph and Pauline Aldridge.

Cassandra Manzo received at total of $500  from the Porterville Lions Club and the  George Lockridge Scholarship.

Ryan Montijo received the Spartan Scholarship of $150.

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