Burton School District has made some changes to the staff at three of their schools, much to the surprise of parents and students as students returned to school from Christmas vacation on Tuesday. 

Troy Hayes, the former principal of Oak Grove Elementary School, has moved schools and is now the principal of Summit Charter Academy Lombardi. Taking his principal seat at Oak Grove Elementary is new principal Lori Phillips, and stepping in as Vice Principal for Burton Elementary School is Stacie Fleischman. 

Irene Ortega, the Community Engagement Officer for the district, explained there’s no specific reason for the change in leadership at the schools, and that the district has made similar changes in the past.

Burton School District Superintendent Sergio Mendoza appointed Hayes, Phillips and Fleischman to their new positions. 

“The administration changes will give the new principals an opportunity to work with the current staff and understand the culture and community of the school they will oversee. This also gives incoming parents an opportunity to meet their principal for next year,” said Mendoza. “Great things are happening in our district and will continue to happen. We will always strive for excellence in student achievement and providing a safe environment for our students each day.”

Both Phillips and Hayes have worked in the education field for several years. Phillips has been in the Burton district since 2016, when she worked as a 5th grade teacher. She became the Vice Principal of Burton Elementary School in 2017.

Hayes brings extensive experience and knowledge and has been with the district since 2005 as an elementary teacher. He became an administrator in 2011 and went onto become principal at Oak Grove Elementary School.

Burton School District would also like to announce online kindergarten registration is now open for all of their school sites. Online registration is available at www.burtonschools.org.

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