College-bound Monache High School seniors were richly rewarded for all their hard work on Thursday, May 24 during the school’s annual scholarship ceremony in the campus center.

Between $378,699 in scholarships and an additional $584,064 in grants and GI Bills, nearly a million dollars was made available to the students to finance their dreams of higher education.

Two MHS seniors landed athletic scholarships worth over $100,000: Jessenia Castillo was awarded a $150,000 scholarship to play softball at University of Detroit Mercy, and Chloe Rivas earned a $120,000 softball scholarship from the University of New Mexico.

Jacqueline Ibarra received five scholarships — more than any other senior — totalling $28,943, including a $20,000 award from Sun Pacific, and Tina Zhen earned three scholarships totalling $14,679, including a $8,179 Berkeley Undergraduate scholarship.

Ibarra and Zhen were also both awarded the $6,000 W.P. Bartlett scholarship along with Sebastian Delgadillo, Garrett Keller, Megan Stuart and Morgan Martinez all landed the $4,000 Beatrice Tidball Scholarship. 

Zachary Angle received four scholarships totalling $6,500, including the $5,000 Porterville Chamber of Commerce Youth of the Year award, Andrea Oviedo was awarded a $5,088 scholarship from UC Merced, and Evanie Cha received a $4,739 scholarship from UC Santa Barbara.

Jade Domingo-Mounivong landed a $2,000 G.R.E.A.T. scholarship, and McKenzie Cope earned the $2,000 Gear Up scholarship.

Brock Fleischman was awarded a $1,500 scholarship from Porterville Church of the Nazarene, and Jack Lee and Braeden Sanders both earned $1,000 scholarships from the Burton Educational Partnership Foundation.

Maddison Conley, Ruben Jaime Vega, Amanda Molina, Roberto Moreno and Katelyn Porter were all awarded the $1,000 PC First scholarship, and Cha and Ibarra earned the $1,000 Ruiz 4 Kids scholarship.

“I am so proud of all of our students that received a scholarship tonight. I looked around the room and told myself, ‘Of course they got one,’” said MHS Principal Eric Barba. “We have high expectations for our students and when they perform at that level we are just proud.”

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