Porterville Unified School District Pathways Director Cindy Brown has been selected as a Linked Learning Fellow.

Last week, the Linked Learning Alliance, a national coalition of educators, employers, and community organizations, announced the selection of nine California educators for its inaugural 2021 Linked Learning Fellows program and Brown was one of the nine selected.

Joy Soares lof the Tulare County Office of Education was also selected as a Fellow.

In her 35-year career in education, Brown has consistently worked to expanded opportunities for students to achieve success in college and career preparation by building partnerships with public and private sectors.

Brown has been at the forefront of leading Porterville’s district-wide implementation of the Linked Learning Pathways Program, securing more than $62 million in public and private funding for its support.

She has led and developed a notable system of career-themed pathway academies that have received statewide, national and international recognition. Brown has also been instrumental in building multiple partnerships with workforce experts to connect educational lessons with the real world.

“Congratulations to Joy and Cindy — two great educators who have done so much to ignite students’ passion for careers and to smooth the path from high school to college and the workplace,” Tulare County Superintendent of Schools Tim Hire said.

The nine Linked Learning Fellows, who represent school districts and county offices of education across California, will embark on a six-month long journey to help communities nationwide address racial and economic equity through Linked Learning. The fellows will be provided a national platform to share their knowledge and expertise with other education and community leaders from across the country. For more information about Linked Learning, visit www.linkedlearning.org.

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