A public hearing will be held tonight at the Porterville City Council meeting on a Conditional Use Permit for a new hotel in Porterville.

The Council will open a public hearing during tonight’s meeting to discuss a CUP for the Porterville Inn. 

According the the staff report, “a Public Hearing notice was published and mailed to invite comments at a public hearing to consider a CUP for a new 4-story hotel to be located at 1106 W. Henderson Avenue.” 

The applicant in this matter requested this item be pushed to a future meeting. Because the public has already been notified and the notice of a public hearing was already published, the Council will open the public hearing tonight and will also continue the public hearing at its next regular meeting.

Adding more housing to the city has been a popular topic for the Porterville City Council, and tonight the Council will discuss and host a public hearing regarding the approval of an additional subdivision to be located on 7.6 acres east of Leggett Street on Morton Avenue.

This new proposed subdivision, called the Hillside Estates, would divide the 7.6 acre lot into 28 single-family residential units. The proposed plan for the subdivision includes sidewalks with parkway strips, street trees, street lights and a circular access point from Leggett Street. The project is proposed to be developed in a single phase that would last approximately one year. Similar housing exists on both the north and west ends of the lot. 

When the Council opens the discussion for a public hearing, the public is encouraged to address the Council on this matter. Each speaker will be given three minutes at the podium. After the hearing is closed, the matter will go back to the Council for further discussion before it’s asked to vote on the approval of the subdivision. City Staff is recommending the Council approve this project.

In addition to the public hearing regarding the Hillside Estates subdivision, the Council will open a public hearing during tonight’s meeting to discuss a modification to the Aria Tentative subdivision map. 

At the meeting of October 15, 2019, the Council approved a subdivision map for the development of 24 single family residential units on a 6.5 acre parcel, located on the north side of Henderson Avenue and east of Mathew Street. This project is known as the Aria Development Project. The project’s applicant recently acquired a 1.02 acre parcel immediately north of the proposed project, and is now requesting Council’s permission to include two more additional lots, for a total of 26 units, with access via a cul-de-sac. If approved, this project is estimated to develop in one phase, lasting approximately one year. City Staff is recommending the approval of the subdivision map modification.

In addition to three public hearings, the Council will also have three scheduled matters tonight. The first is an appointment to the city’s Animal Control Commission.

Currently, the city’s Animal Control Commission has one vacant seat available, with a term to expire this September. Art Duron has submitted his request to fill that vacancy. Duron is the only person to have submitted a request thus far. City Staff’s recommendation is the Council appoint Duron to sit on the Animal Control Commission.

The New Porterville Rescues Mission’s CUP is still a topic of discussion for the City Council, and tonight the discussion regarding the CUP will continue. New developments regarding this matter will be brought to the Council’s attention. 

According the the staff report, “staff met with representatives from the mission to receive a timeline of improvements, as well as a list of the current Board of Directors.” The plan submitted to the city by mission staff includes a complete set of tenant improvement plans within two to four weeks and a Title 24 plan with a two to four week timeline. The construction project manager, Darin Garrett, informed City Staff interior improvements for the mission could take up to 10 weeks to complete. As interior construction commences, those sleeping in the mission’s dorms would be displaced. The mission is requesting permission to use a fire rated event tent to shelter those who may be displaced due to the construction. City Staff is looking to the Council for direction on how to proceed in this matter.

The final matter up for Council discussion tonight is the local volunteer community clean-up policies and procedures. The staff report reads as follows,” The collection of debris and refuse on both public and private properties across the city is an issue of significant attention and significance. City Staff in the Parks and Leisure Services and Public Works Departments are generally responsible for maintaining City property and right-of-ways in a clean and orderly manner.” Because the city spans more than 15 square miles, it’s difficult for City Staff to solely maintain and upkeep the city. The City Council authorized City Staff to assist with community clean-ups by providing equipment resources for private properties. 

Recently, individuals in the community have been conducting community clean-up events on both private and public properties, and have requested City assistance with the pickup and disposal of collected debris. City Staff is requesting the Council’s consideration of potential policies and procedures in order to collaborate with local volunteer clean-up events and are requesting direction on how to proceed with this matter.

This meeting of the Porterville City Council is scheduled for tonight, beginning at 6:30 p.m., in the Council Chambers inside City Hall located at 291 N. Main Street.

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