Porterville’s Hot Dog man was back again.

Sal Cortez could be seen again on Thursday, Halloween, on Belleview Street near Belleview School grilling hot dogs for the trick or treaters. It’s something Cortez, who works at Porterville Feed, has been doing every year for the past eight or nine years.

Every year Cortez feeds about a 1,000 children and this year he was going to cook 1,200 hot dogs and serve them until he ran out. “Some of them come back for seconds,” Cortez said. “It’s all good.”

Cortez said he would possibly stay out until 10 p.m. serving the hot dogs, which he said is “their curfew — or it should be anyway.”

Johnny Dorame, a friend of Cortez, letz Cortez use his grill to cook the hot dogs which Cortez also makes sure comes with all the fixings.

“Just trying to get kids out and having fun for Halloween,” said Cortez about his motivation for cooking the hot dogs. 

He said he also wants to provide a “friendly, safe place for kids to trick and treat while feeding their bellies. I have a lot of fun watching the kids and their costumes.”

And Cortez has obviously become popular with the kids. “They wait for it,” said Cortez about when he sets up. “They’re ready every year.

“They see me here and I know I’ve got many of them coming back here every year. Now they’re teenagers.”

At first Cortez paid for everything out of his pocket but now while still pays a little bit out of his pocket he receives plenty of help through donations from family and friends. He’s also even had a couple of fundraisers to help pay for this year’s event.

Guadalajara Market has also been “huge” in helping out with the event this year as has Sammy Khamsaysoury from Vientiame Seafood Market.

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