Editor’s Note: The Porterville Recorder will be periodically featuring this column on A1 of The Recorder focusing on those who are going above and beyond to help others during this difficult time.

As schools have been closed districts will now be going to a distance learning and online learning model for their students. A Facebook page has now been formed to help those with finding the resources they need during this virtual reality that’s now the learning process for students.

Porterville K-12 Teacher Support is a Facebook page where those who have questions on the learning process now for those students. Teachers are encouraged to join this Facebook page and the number of teachers who have joined this page is overwhelming. It shows how dedicated the teachers are in this area to educating their students even in these difficult times.

Teachers will be providing how students can continue to keep up with their school work on this Facebook page. The page is also basically serving as a clearinghouse designed to provide whatever information it can on resources students need and programs being used by local schools.



The Recorder is asking for stories about those who are going above and beyond to help others during this difficult time. It could be a simple gesture such as someone offering to buy groceries for a senior citizen to individuals, businesses or organizations leading community-wide efforts to deal with the impact of the coronavirus.

Those who would like to submit a story about an individual, business or organization who has gone above and beyond to help in any way can contact Porterville Recorder Editor Charles Whisnand. Any organization or business who would also like to provide updates on the status of their services and events can also contact Whisnand. Contact Whisnand at cwhisnand@portervillerecorder.com or 784-5000, extension 1048.


The Recorder has also taken down the paywall on its website. The Recorder believes people shouldn’t be charged for the information on the resources they need provided on the Recorder website. For ongoing updates on everything to do with the coronavirus, visit recorderonline.com.

As far as the Recorder’s daily edition is concerned, the Recorder is looking to add such features as providing more games and puzzles to provide a little more enjoyment for our readers, especially those who can’t leave their homes.


Everyone is encouraged to display the American Flag and to also display a pink heart on their doors. The pink hearts are being displayed to show appreciate to all of the health care workers and emergency medical personnel during this difficult time.

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