With the good comes the bad. The rain over the past week — which included another sizeable storm on Sunday night through Monday morning — is obviously a welcome site to the agriculture industry as it transitions to its spring and summer activity.

But while this time of year is mostly a transitional period for local agriculture, the harvest of Valencia oranges which is beginning is still being impacted by the rain.

The rain has slowed that harvesting for the time being and orange trees that are still blossoming are also being impacted. But there should be somewhat of a respite this week with the exception of the middle of the week.

The rainfall total at Porterville Municipal Airport for Sunday night's storm that went into Monday morning measured at .78 inches, pushing the rainfall total to about 5 inches of rain. That's still well below the average of about nine inches for this time of year.

Sequoia National Forest did receive some snow as well from the latest storm and the road from the Ponderosa to Johnsondale remains closed.

The forecast calls for a slight chance of rain today with a 50 percent chance of rain on Wednesday night and Thursday. There is a chance of snow at the 5,800-foot level today.

As much as tenth to a quarter inch of rain could fall Wednesday night with another tenth of an inch of rain on Thursday, the National Weather Service stated. The forecast also calls for a chance of thunderstorms on Thursday.

Camp Nelson could also receive a little snow from this storm. The National Weather Service stated Camp Nelson could receive 1 to 3 inches of snow on Wednesday night, with less than an inch of snow possibly falling in Camp Nelson on Thursday.

Temperatures will remain cool with forecasted highs and lows of 62 and 44 for today, 59 and 41 for Wednesday and 57 and 39 for Thursday, the National Weather Service forecast stated. By Friday mostly sunny skies are expected with a high of 62.

The National Weather Service is calling for it to be cold in Camp Nelson on Friday night with a low of 27.

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