A group of Pleasant View Elementary School students, Pleasant View’s SQUAD won the top honor for the Pillar of Citizenship in the CHARACTER COUNTS! Program. 

CHARACTER COUNTS! Week wrapped up last month with 80 students being honored out of 6,000 nominees. The honored students were recognized at the annual Provident-Salierno Family Foundation Awards.

Since 2012, Tony and Mary Salierno, founders of the Provident-Salierno Family Foundation, have provided scholarships for the winners and finalists representing each Pillar of Character  –  Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship. 

Pleasant View School’s SQUAD was the top honoree for the Pillar of Citizenship. Members of the SQUAD work on building personal self-esteem and resiliency as together they serve their community and the Pleasant View campus. 

The SQUAD, Students who are Qualified, Unique, Awesome and Disciplined is an after school club that consists of fourth through eighth graders who come from many different backgrounds and cultures. Some have experienced great loss, abandonment, depression, anxiety, loneliness, and struggle. But they have committed to not allowing their circumstances dictate their future. 

Each member comes together as one team on one mission and that’s to serve and uplift each other through community and relationship building. The club starts its meetings with a reflective activity. The activity allows students to reflect on experiences they have had and share how they feel.

Among the ways the club serves the community is at a monthly Farmer’s Market and at local church. Club members help bag and box canned goods, fruits, and vegetables for those in the community who are less fortunate. Club members have been seen carrying the bags of food for the elderly to their cars. 

The club also continually paints and decorates to beautify the school. Club members have taken old trash bins, painted them and transformed them into pots for plants. The students will plant flowers and others plants and take care of them.

Club members are: Victor Alcantar, Janet Aldaco, Katya Aviles, Karly Ayon, Alexis Calabitin, Romel Calabitin, Kassandra Casas, Jaslyn Ceja, Jose Cortez, Savannah Curtis, Aylin Diaz, Allison Guerrero.

 Yadira Hernandez, Valeria Herrera, Samuel Hoehn, Antonio Lopez, Gabriela Lopez, Haidi Lopez, Yadira Lua, David Martinez, Leylani Martinez, Angelica Mays, Aries Mays, Chelia Mejia, Isabella Mendez.

Daniel Meza, Vannesa Miguel, Mercedes Montes, Erelin Moreno, Jacqueline Mosqueda, Cash Ortiz, Isabella Racca, Allison Reyes, Arturo Reyes, Brithani Reyes, Miguel Reyes, Cristian Rodriguez, Mia Rojas, Alexis Sanchez, Alina Toledo.

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