It was an all-out effort on Saturday as the Tule River Native Plant Demonstration Gardens project was well under way with several volunteers preparing garden sites for future planting.

A group of 18 volunteers prepared 10 garden sites for planting on Saturday. Four groups came together to prepare the 10 gardens and begin the planting of one garden. 

Commandant of Cadets David Archer and seven students from the Porterville Military Academy provided the largest work force. Ruben Alvarez and two student interns completed the student contingent. 

Barbara Brydolf, the president of Alta Peak Chapter of the California Plant Society, and three chapter members, began the planting of their adopted garden. Brian Carter, the organizer of the Men’s Group garden, prepared a garden area for another adopting group. Cathy Capone and Norm Carpenter from the Tule River Parkway Association organized and managed the event.

The workday, which was held from 8 a.m. until noon., provided 72 volunteer hours of service to the Tule River Native Plant Demonstration Gardens project, which is located west of the Jaye Street bridge near the south back of the Tule River. Volunteers undertook many tasks including mowing, weeding, raking, trimming dead branches, trimming low hanging branches and trunk sprouts, moving vegetative waste into piles, picking up trash, planting, watering, and cutting down one Salt Cedar tree.

“It takes all our efforts to make a better world and today you have made the dial inch toward better,” said Capone of the volunteers who came out to help. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving your time to the environment and your community. The Tule River Native Plant Demonstration Garden project runs on volunteer effort and now you’re part of the success of the project.”

There are several other Tule Rive Native Plant Demonstration Garden events planned for the upcoming months. Their biggest planting day is set for this Saturday, November 2. On November 9 and November 30, there will be Saturday Garden Preparation Days, and a Sunday Garden Preparation Day on November 10.

In December, there are plans for a Sunday Garden Maintenance Day on December 1, and Restoration Plantings are scheduled for December 18, 19 and 20.

There are also events scheduled for the upcoming year. February 8 will be a Garden Celebration, and two more Garden Celebrations are planned for May 9 and August 15.

For more information about the project or how to get involved, please call or text Capone at (559) 361-9164 or email her at

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