Daniel Penaloza has resigned from the Porterville City Council.

Penaloza, who represented District I, turned in his letter of resignation on Tuesday. Penaloza hasn't been at the last two meetings held by the city council.

At its meeting at 6:30 p.m. this Tuesday, the council will consider how to fill Penaloza's position. The City Charter allows for the council to fill the vacancy within 30 days.

Since Penaloza turned in his resignation on Tuesday, June 8, the council has until July 8 to fill the position. If the council doesn't fill the position by July 8, then Mayor Monte Reyes will have the authority to fill the position.

The person selected to replace Penaloza will serve out the rest of Penaloza's term and will be up for election in the November 8, 2022 general election. The person who replaces Penaloza must also live in District 1.

The council could use a streamlined process in which council members nominate individuals to replace Penaloza. Three of the four council members would then have to vote to approve a candidate to be appointed to the position.

The council could also choose to accept nominations from the community for a set period of time. Or the council could appoint two of its members to serve on ad hoc committee to create a short list of candidates and a public interview process could be held at a special City Council meeting. Then again, three of the four council members would have to vote to approve a candidate to fill the position.

The council could choose one of those options, use a combination of those options, or decide on another option.

In his letter, Penaloza wrote he's resigning because he's relocation outside his district and for personal matters.

“For two years, I had the honor and privilege to work with each of you for the betterment of our City,” Penaloza wrote. “When I was elected to the City Council, I didn't know what to expect but each of you welcomed me and taught me lifetime lessons that I will carry with me every day.

“No one could have warned (us) about the many challenges that our City would encounter but each time your commitment and love pushed us forward. Even in the instances that we disagreed, you all demonstrated a heart of service.

“I know that our City is in great hands and I will be rooting for you as a private citizen. It was a blessing to have served alongside each of you on the City Council. I am forever grateful to the community for their trust and faith in all of us.

As you continued to lead our beautiful City, know that I hold each of you dear in my heart and will continue to pray for your family, health and leadership. May God bless you and the City of Porterville.”

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