Porterville College president Dr. Claudia Habib has announced plans for the school to gradually return to in-person instruction for its summer and fall sessions.

In a letter in making the announcement Habib stated PC will return to “face-to-face operations” with extended in-person student service office hours beginning in June.  Face She added limited in-person classes and labs will be offered on campus beginning in the summer. She also said online learning will continue.

Habib said PC is committed to offering a larger in-person schedule in the fall, including student support services, classes and science labs.

She said PC plans to begin to participate in athletic competition again in the fall along with offering clubs and other extra-curricular activities. And PC will continue to offer online instruction for those who choose not to return to in-person instruction.

The library, Learning Support Center and cafeteria will also be open in the fall. In the fall, PC will add evening hours and extended counseling hours and some virtual services will be offered as well, Habib said.

Habib said all of PC’s facilities will meet safety and sanitation guidelines for a safe return. She said face coverings may be required through the summer and fall sessions.

She added COVID-19 testing may be required for student-athletes who are participating in competitive athletics.

As it stands now California Community Colleges aren’t making vaccinations a requirement for a return to campus. But Habib stated “I strong encourage all members of the PC community who can be vaccinated to do so in order to help our campus safely re-open.”

Habib said PC’s plans for the summer and fall are based on the continued increase in COVID-19 vaccinations and that the vast majority of Tulare County residents will be vaccinated.

“This year has been difficult for everyone as the pandemic stretched beyond expectations,” Habib said. “I know we all look forward to returning to campus. Although our lives will continue to be influenced by public health considerations for the foreseeable future, I am looking forward to the fall semester with a sense of optimism.

“Even as we play for a more traditional campus experience, flexibility remains essential. This commitment to vigilance must continue. Our plan prioritizes the health and safety of students, staff, faculty and our surrounding communities and it continues shaped by expert public health guidance.”

The current situation still doesn’t allow for PC to hold an in-person Commencement this spring. PC will hold a virtual graduation at 6 p.m. Friday, May 14. For more information visit porterville.graduations.live

“I am grateful to the many across campus who have worked hard under the circumstances to make this a successful spring semester,” Habib said. “And I look forward to continuing the healthiest path to a quick return.”

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