Amidst the coronavirus chaos, many local Main Street businesses are still open to the public. Of course there are some businesses that have chosen to close temporarily, like The Vault, Vintage Chic and Rafaela’s Alterations, and the Mecca has been mandated to close their doors for the time being. Both Vintage Chic and Rafaela’s Alterations have posted notices on their doors to let customers know when they will reopen for business.

However, other businesses such as Country Pleasures and Stafford’s, as well as many of the barber shops and beauty salons, are still in operation.

Country Pleasures reports that their gun and ammunition sales have been good. The Main Street business said gun and ammo distributors are having trouble keeping up with the demand for guns. One of their distributors even reported they sold more than $100,000 in product within a 24-hour period. 

It’s not just gun activists who are buying out the guns and ammo. Country Pleasures has seen a surge in first time gun buyers and customers who don’t like guns but are purchasing them for their protection during this epidemic. The store also reported it won’t close down unless it absolutely has to.

Among the other businesses open on Main Street is Stafford’s Chocolates.

Promoting Self Worth, known as PSW, is also taking the recommended precautions to protect its employees, without having to cease all of its operations. 

“We are following all of the guidelines that have been given to us from the California Department of Health, the Department of Developmental Services and the Central Valley Regional Center,” said Ron Killingsworth, PSW’s Director of Communications. “This is a very fluid situation. I know Fresno was issued a shelter-in-place order, so I know there are programs that are changing as a result of that order. We have senior management meetings every day. I’ve been on the phone with our state agencies and our associations that we’re a part of. That’s pretty much all that I’m doing right now, but this actually comes from Don Sowers, our Executive Director. Our primary concern is always the safety of the individuals we serve and our staff. We are following every protocol that has been given to us to ensure that is continuing. We always do that anyways, but we’ve ramped it up even more just to be safe.” 

PSW also stated it provides many necessary services to the community, which means it needs to stay open if at all possible.

Officials say if at all possible, shop local when you can as locally owned shops are more at-risk for closure during this difficult time.

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