Porterville's Jeremy Hogan is trying to make the best of a tough situation. The 1991 Monache graduate is in Washington, D.C. to cover his fourth inauguration.

But unless if something unexpected and drastic happens he will have to do the best he can without a credential. Only a small number of journalists are receiving credentials to cover today's inauguration in which Joe Biden will be sworn in as President.

That could be expected considering what happened on January 6 and the large presence of the National Guard heading into today's inauguration. Hogan posted on his Facebook page one journalist told him he hadn't seen this many soldiers since being in Russia in 1975.

“It's really, really locked down here,” said Hogan, a freelance photo-journalist who owns his own small business contracting with agencies and supplying photos to numerous journalism organizations. He has done plenty of work for Getty Images which are used by numerous journalism organizations all over the world.

He was sent to Washington, D.C. by Polaris Images and expected to receive a credential. But then January 6 happened in which Trump supporters breached the Capitol.

So only one Polaris journalist received a credential. Hogan said it's tough as a small business owner to make the trip to Washington, D.C., without a credential.

“I think the Secret Service is running everything. Unless you're one of the journalists chose you don't get to cover it,” said Hogan about the inauguration.”

But Hogan said he still has a job to do. “You can't let it dissuade you from doing your job. I'll make the best of whatever access I'll have tomorrow,” Hogan said on Tuesday.

And despite how much Washington, D.C., has been locked down, there's still been plenty to cover for Hogan as he's gotten his share of shots of National Guard members and the scene there. And he had to cut Tuesday's interview short as the infamous Westboro Baptist Church group had just arrived, so he went to photograph them.

As a freelance journalist, Hogan has learned to improvise. Last year during a Democratic debate in Nevada, Hogan was there but CNBC who held the debate didn't grant him a credential. So as he was in a casino watching the debate, he took a photo off the television he was watching of Biden and Michael Bloomberg for Getty Images. Guess who used that shot on its website? CNBC.

Hogan has been a photo-journalist since he was in high school, working as an intern for the Porterville Recorder. His first political assignment came when he covered Vice President Dan Quayle for the Recorder when he came to Fresno in the early 1990s.

Hogan's first inauguration was in 2005 after George W. Bush was reelected. He went on to cover inaugurations for Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

It's been an eventful year for Hogan as his father, Jerry, a Vietnam veteran, was diagnosed with COVID-19. Hogan's father was asymptomatic and eventually was discharged from Lindsay Gardens.

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