Nicholas Gonzalez, son of Vanessa Ballejos, is being honored as Citrus High School’s student of the month for December.  

Nicholas, or better known as Nico, has demonstrated what it truly means to be Citrus Strong.  Nico is respectful, kind hearted, goal orientated, hard working, motivated, and creative. While being at Citrus High School Nico has been able to create personal goals for himself and with his sense of determination he has been able to accomplish them.  

He’s on track for graduating this spring. Nico shared when he served as a SCICON counselor he was able to teach young students how to have fun and be respectful at the same time. He says this was a great experience for him.  

After graduation Nico plans on attending Porterville College to complete prerequisites and then transfer to the Los Angeles Recording School. Nico has dreams of having a career as a music recording producer. Citrus staff have had the honor of hearing some of Nico’s original songs and can attest to his great talent of producing and recording music.  

Nico’s hobbies include creating music, producing music, playing basketball, and spending time with his family and friends. Once again, Citrus is honored to recognize Nicholas Gonzalez as student of the month. 

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