Governor Gavin Newsom is considering a stay-at-home order for virtually the entire state similar to the one that was implemented last spring.

A stay-at-home order could be implemented in purple counties in the state which right now is about 99 percent of the state. If cases continue to surge throughout the state, Newsom said he's considering the stay-at-home order.

If a stay-at-home order is implemented its expected to be like the one implemented last spring in which the guidelines called for people to stay at home except for essential services and exercise.

Newsom said the 11 surge care facilities in the state, including the Porterville Alternate Care Site at Porterville Developmental Center would become “fully operational” again.

As far as when a stay-at-home order could be implemented, Newsom said it wouldn't be a matter of weeks, but rather a matter of days.

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