A beautiful morning heralded a new beginning for KTIP/La Poderosa 1450 AM on Thursday, Feb. 27.

Station staff, representative James Martinez from State Senator Melissa Hurtado’s office, and Representative Rachel Ray from State Assemblyman Devon Mathis’ office, Porterville Vice Mayor Monte Reyes, and members of the Porterville Chamber of Commerce and the community gathered to participate in the long awaited ribbon cutting ceremony.

Jovanna Aguilar from the station said they completely remodeled the building and it’s modern and up to date.  

“We want to carry on Jose Arredondo’s legacy, and his brother Sergio owns the station.” 

Jose Arredondo, a Bakersfield businessman, was killed in Cabo San Lucas last summer.

Current staff moved into the station on November 4, 2019, and are broadcasting entirely in Spanish.

Commenting on the large piece of land owned by the station and the quiet and peaceful surroundings, Aguilar said, “I love this town and this street. It’s also nice having Holy Cross Church across the street, so the community see’s us here.”

Grace Munoz Rios and Dick Eckhoff attended the event, among other community members as well as Porterville Chamber Chair Jason Pommier, Chamber member Christina Lombardi and others. 

Frances Coronado, La Poderosa salesperson, said, “This is spectacular.”

From the KTIP/La Poderosa Corporate Office in Bakersfield, Dora Cardenas said, “We are really excited about the station growing. We had a great response in December when we gave out money on the airwaves, about $1000, total, and we had our Christmas party at the same time.”

Manager Isidro Roman said, “We want to thank all of the people who are helping La Poderosa/KTIP get involved in the community. We would like to start a non-profit to help the families of the firefighters who died.” 

Roman was talking about Porterville Firefighters Ray Figueroa and Patrick Jones who died battling the fire that virtually destroyed the Porterville Public Library on February 18.

Roman also said the station broadcasts a buy and sell market at 9 a.m. every Saturday.

After Roman spoke, it was time for the ribbon cutting, and presentation of Certificates of Recognition from Mathis and Hurtado.

Pommier, Porterville Chamber of Commerce Chairman graciously welcomed Roman and the entire KTIP/La Poderosa staff on behalf of the Porterville business community and residents, and they received a plaque from the Chamber of Commerce.

Olivia Obregon, Marketing Director, said, “We are very pleased to have the Chamber of Commerce help us with the grand opening. It’s very important for our staff to finally open the station. And we can finally celebrate a new beginning with KTIP, and their new Spanish language format.”

Alma Guzman, from the Library Adult Learning Center was so pleased to attend the opening, and she said, “I’m so excited. The station plays the Spanish oldies music that I grew up listening to. I’m reliving my childhood through this nostalgic music.”

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