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^'You people with this phony Emoluments Clause': Cabinet meeting turns into 71 minutes of Trump grievances<

^TRUMP-2ND-LEDE:LA—<President Donald Trump, trying to dig out from political holes of his own making, held forth for 71 minutes Monday during what was ostensibly a Cabinet meeting, but ended up being a familiar torrent of grievance, defensiveness and expansive statements about his view of his own powers.

However familiar Trump's brash hyperbole has become, his statements to a room filled with Cabinet members, aides and reporters were still eye-catching: Trump asserted his selective regard for the Constitution to which he'd sworn an oath and casually dismissed a clause he appeared to violate in trying to award next year's Group of 7 summit to his own Doral, Fla., golf resort.

1050 by Eli Stokols and Alexa D az in Washington. MOVED


^Residents, Philly officials lament weekend violence after 2 children are shot in 24 hours<

PHILLY-VIOLENCE-CHILDRENSHOT-1ST-LEDE:PH — Neighbors hung pink and white balloons Monday morning from the front porch of a rowhouse on the 3300 block of Water Street in Kensington. They lit candles and hugged, and a giant teddy bear sat on the porch.

But evidence remained of the tragedy from the night before — when someone fired a rifle at the house, killing a 2-year-old girl inside and wounding two other people, including the girl's mother — with bullet holes visible in the front windows, and blood still smeared on the front door.

850 by Chris Palmer in Philadelphia. MOVED



^Pierre Delecto? Romney's secret Twitter account is unmasked<

ROMNEY-TWITTER:BLO Sen., Mitt Romney uses the alter ego "Pierre Delecto" to lurk on political debates and occasionally defend himself on Twitter.

The 2012 Republican presidential nominee and former Massachusetts governor, who's said he's not running for president again, confirmed to the Atlantic on Sunday he was behind the Twitter handle @qaws9876.

The account has since been locked.

200 by Caitlin Webber in Washington. MOVED


^US Supreme Court overturns ruling in Michigan gerrymandering case: What it means<

SCOTUS-MICH-GERRYMANDERING:DE — The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday morning officially overturned a ruling that had called for nearly three dozen congressional and legislative districts in Michigan to be redrawn because they unfairly helped one political party.

The decision — which vacated an earlier ruling made by a three-judge panel by the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati — had been widely expected since the Supreme Court decided in June that it would allow state courts to decide questions about political boundary lines rather than ruling on them itself.

350 by Todd Spangler in Washington. MOVED


^Democrats seek insider trading probe after 'Trump Chaos' article<

^INSIDER-TRADING-CHAOS:BLO—<Democratic lawmakers are increasingly demanding that U.S. authorities investigate allegations raised in a recent magazine article that traders might be using nonpublic government information to reap huge illegal profits, even as the exchange where the transactions purportedly took place called the story "patently false."

In a Monday letter, 14 Democratic senators urged the heads of the Justice Department, FBI, Commodity Futures Trading Commission and Securities and Exchange Commission to probe "disturbing reports of suspicious trading in our futures and equities markets" described in a Vanity Fair piece. The magazine referred to the transactions as "Trump Chaos Trades."

500 by Ben Bain and Matt Robinson in Washington. MOVED



^Facebook identifies Iranian, Russian foreign influence campaigns<

FACEBOOK-MISINFORMATION:BLO — Facebook Inc. discovered four separate misinformation networks — three tied to Iran and one to Russia — that the social network said it shut down as part of an ongoing effort to counter "foreign influence campaigns."

Facebook said that the "coordinated inauthentic behavior" took aim at the U.S., North Africa and Latin America and included "proactive work ahead of the U.S. elections." The company said it shared the findings with "law enforcement and industry partners."

300 by Eric Newcomer and Kurt Wagner in New York. MOVED


^Castro says he'll drop out if he can't raise $800,000 by end of month<

CASTRO:AU — Democratic presidential candidate Juli n Castro, one of two Texans in the race, said on Monday that he will end his campaign if he can't raise $800,000 before the end of the month.

"If I can't raise $800,000 in the next 10 days — I will have no choice but to end my race for President," Castro wrote in an email to supporters. "My presidential campaign is in dire need of financial resources to keep going.

300 by Nicole Cobler in Austin, Texas. MOVED


^Trump trails top Democrats in new Minnesota Poll<

MINN-POLL:MS — President Donald Trump trails several leading Democratic candidates, as well as U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, at this point in the presidential campaign in Minnesota, according to a new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll.

The two current front-runners for the Democratic nomination, former Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, both beat the president by double digits among Minnesota voters. Voters polled picked Biden over Trump by 12 percentage points, 50% to 38%.

Warren, who attracted a large crowd at an August campaign rally in St. Paul, tops Trump 51% to 40%. U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, who places third in most national polls of the Democratic field, is ahead of Trump 49% to 40%.

1050 (with trims) by Torey Van Oot in Minneapolis. MOVED



^They were watching football when the sky fell without warning, Dallas tornado survivors say<

WEA-DALLAS-TORNADO:FT — Angela Boston crawled to a closet with her daughters when wind and rain started to bear down on their home late Sunday night.

"There was no time for a warning," she said Monday morning while surveying the damage to her home just north of Walnut Hill Lane.

The back of her house is gone.

The fence is in crumbles.

Tree limbs cover her front yard.

1300 (with trims) by Nichole Manna in Dallas. MOVED



Also moving as:

WEA-DALLAS-TORNADO:DA — 300 by Jesus Jimenez, Robert Wilonsky and Dana Branham in Dallas. MOVED


^Baby born in laundry room as tornado swirled around North Texas Sunday night<

^WEA-DALLAS-TORNADO-BABYBORN:FT—< As the tornado whipped through North Texas Sunday night, destroying homes and buildings, a baby girl was born.

In a laundry room.

Without power.

By candlelight.

150 by Anna M. Tinsley in Fort Worth, Texas. MOVED


^Ex-PIMCO chief pleads guilty in college admissions scandal; three more parents to follow<

CMP-ADMISSIONS-FRAUD:LA —Douglas Hodge, the former chief executive of global investment giant PIMCO, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering, the first of four parents who will reverse their not-guilty pleas on Monday after coming under new pressure from federal prosecutors in the college admissions scandal.

450 by Matthew Ormseth in Los Angeles. MOVED


^5 killed, 35 others wounded by gunfire during Chicago's most violent weekend since Labor Day<

CHICAGO-VIOLENCE:TB — At least five people were killed and 35 others were wounded by gunfire in Chicago over the weekend, the city's most violent since the long Labor Day holiday.

700 by Alice Yin in Chicago. MOVED


^Health Department evaluation believes Capital Gazette shooting suspect is sane<

MD-NEWSPAPER-SHOOTING:BZ — A forensic psychiatrist for the Maryland Health Department believes the man charged with killing five Capital Gazette staffers is legally sane, an Anne Arundel County Circuit Court judge said Monday.

250 by Alex Mann in Annapolis, Md. MOVED


^9-year-old boy — his feet barely touching ground from his chair — hears judge explain murder charges brought against him in central Illinois fire that killed 5<

FATALFIRE-BOYCHARGED:TB — A 9-year-old boy accused of murder and arson in the deaths of five people appeared Monday morning in Woodford County juvenile court, and a judge tried to explain the charges being brought against him.

The boy wore blue slacks and a red and black checkered shirt. He walked in with his hands in his pockets. When he sat, his feet only touched the ground if he slid forward in his chair, and his head barely reached above the top of the seat.

800 by Peter Nickeas in Eureka, Ill. MOVED


^Florida Senate opens session to decide fate of Broward sheriff<

FLA-BROWARD-SHERIFF:MI — Emotions were high and security tight Monday as the Florida Senate convened a three-day special session to decide whether or not to uphold Gov. Ron DeSantis' suspension of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

At an early morning press conference, the parents of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting victims urged Israel to withdraw his petition asking the Florida Senate to reinstate him to his post.

"Mr. Israel, you have drug our families back through all of the emotions and pain of Feb. 14," said Ryan Petty, father of Alaina, 14, who was slain in the 2018 shooting. "Do the honorable thing. Withdraw your petition and resign."

1050 (with trims) by Mary Ellen Klas in Tallahassee, Fla. MOVED


^Bag with cell phone battery or charger explodes while being loaded onto flight at Chicago's Midway Airport; no injuries reported, police say<

AIRPORT-BAGEXPLOSION:TB — A cell phone battery or charger exploded in a bag while the bag was being loaded onto a flight at Chicago's Midway International midday Monday, but there were no reports of injuries, police said.

150 by Jessica Villagomez in Chicago. MOVED


^28-year-old man taking photos atop waterfall slips to his death in North Carolina<

NC-WATERFALL-DEATH:CH — A hiker died after falling off the infamously dangerous Big Bradley Waterfall in Western North Carolina over the weekend, according to first responders and news outlets.

400 by Mark Price in Charlotte, N.C. MOVED


^'I didn't want to lose my husband.' For second time, wife of slain Ky. Marine testifies<

MARINE-KILLED:LX — For the second time, Megan Price had to recount for a jury the tragic events surrounding her husband's 2014 shooting death.

Price testified at a 2018 trial, but that jury was unable to reach a verdict against Dawan Q. Mulazim, 36, in the murder of Price's husband Jonathan, a Marine. Last Thursday, a second trial began in the case.

900 by Morgan Eads in Lexington, Ky. MOVED


^Missing Kansas City-area man found 7 days after crash has died, police say<

MISSINGMAN-FOUND:KC — A Kansas City-area man who was found in a wrecked car one week after he had been reported missing died Saturday afternoon, according to police.

Ryan Linneman, 37, of Lee's Summit, Mo., had been in the hospital since he was found Wednesday in his vehicle at the bottom of a wooded gully along Interstate 470.

200 by Kaitlyn Schwers in Kansas City, Mo. MOVED


^A Marine was killed in action during WWII. His remains have finally been identified<

MARINE-REMAINS:PH — The remains of a Marine killed in a key battle in the Pacific during World War II have been identified as Private First Class Joseph F. Boschetti of Philadelphia 75 years after his death.

Boschetti, the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency announced Monday, was killed on Nov. 20, 1943 at the age of 23 in a battle on the island of Betio in the Tarawa Atoll of the Gilbert Islands. He hailed from the Manayunk section of Philadelphia, the Inquirer reported in a 1944 death notice, and served as a member of Company A, 1st Battalion, 18th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force.

350 by Nick Vadala in Philadelphia. MOVED


^End strike and go back to work while talks continue, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot asks teachers union. 'Not going to happen,' union responds.<

CHICAGO-TEACHERS-STRIKE-1ST-LEDE:TB — Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is calling on the Chicago Teachers Union to end its strike even before negotiations result in an agreement.

But a union member said "that's not going to happen," saying real progress has only come since the walkout began on Thursday.

1300 (with trims) by Gregory Pratt and Katherine Rosenberg-Douglas in Chicago. MOVED


^California's spiking gas prices should be investigated for possible fixing, says Gov. Newsom<

^CALIF-GAS-PRICES:LA—<Citing gasoline prices that are as much as 30 cents a gallon higher than those in other states, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday asked the state attorney general to investigate whether California's leading oil and gas suppliers are involved in price-fixing or other unfair practices.

"Simply stated, name-brand gas retail outlets in California are charging more for a gallon of gas compared to their unbranded, hypermart competitors," Newsom wrote in a letter to state Attorney General Xavier Becerra. "There is no identifiable evidence to justify these premium prices."

400 by John Myers in Sacramento, Calif. MOVED


^Child porn suspect arrested after offering to host parties in 'My Little Pony' outfit<

^CHILDPORN-MYLITTLEPONY:SA—< Daniel Wayne Benner once worked as a janitor in an Orangevale, Calif.-area preschool, and offered on Facebook to dress up in a My Little Pony costume to entertain children at birthday parties.

He also had an affinity for trading child pornography, using a Kik internet account name of "hornylonely2005," the FBI says.

500 by Sam Stanton in Sacramento, Calif.. MOVED


^'I am so ashamed I said what I said.' Man convicted of hate crime for berating woman wearing Puerto Rican shirt sentenced to probation, community service<

^PUERTORICO-TSHIRT:TB—< A Des Plaines, Ill., man found guilty of a hate crime for harassing a woman wearing a Puerto Rican flag shirt was sentenced Monday to two years of probation and 200 hours of community service and was also forbidden from going to any Cook County Forest preserves for two years.

Timothy G. Trybus, 63, was found guilty last month of a hate crime for verbally berating a woman in a Cook County Forest preserve in 2018.

200 by Brian L. Cox in Chicago. MOVED


^How did booze bandit stick $1,000 worth of scotch down his pants?<

STOLENBOOZE:FL — If at first you succeed try again — and again.

A thief who did just that was able to get away with bottles of scotch worth more than $1,000 from a liquor store in Boynton Beach, Fla., according to police.

150 by Doug Phillips in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. MOVED


^Woman breaks into house, curses homeowner and steals his toilet paper, NC cops say<

TOILETPAPER-STOLEN:CH — A foul-mouth toilet tissue thief was caught red handed in North Carolina, after she allegedly broke into a home, cursed the owner, then fled with his toilet paper, according to the Iredell County Sheriff's Office.

300 by Mark Price in Charlotte, N.C. MOVED



^Netanyahu renounces mandate to form government after failed talks<

ISRAEL:DPA — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday handed back to the president the mandate to form the next government, after failing to recruit enough lawmakers to join the coalition.

The move comes two days before his deadline.

This is the second time in half a year that Netanyahu has failed to form a government following a general election — leaving the country in a continuing state of political limbo.

550 by Tamara Zieve in Tel Aviv, Israel. MOVED


^Johnson plows on after speaker blocks Brexit deal vote<

BRITAIN-EU:DPA — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative government on Monday plowed on with its plan to conclude Brexit by Oct. 31, despite being blocked by the parliamentary speaker from from holding a vote on its Brexit deal.

550 by Bill Smith in London. MOVED


^A group of Latina women are building a shelter for Muslim migrants in Tijuana<

MIGRANTS-MEXICO-MUSLIMS:SD — Fridays are for prayer in Tijuana.

Every week, Muslim migrants from Africa and the Middle East gather in the Playas de Tijuana neighborhood to worship in the city's only mosque.

Asylum seekers from Syria pray alongside migrants from Togo, Somalia and Ghana. Among them are Bala, 33, his wife and their 2-year-old daughter.

The Ghanaian family has spent four months in Tijuana, and the mosque reminds them of their community back home in Accra.

"We all feel very happy to see each other," said Bala, who declined to share his last name due to his immigration status in Mexico.

The mosque helps Tijuana's Muslim migrants feel at home in a foreign land, he added. For some migrants — particularly women who wear a hijab — Mexico can be a confusing place.

750 by Gustavo Solis in Tijuana, Mexico. MOVED


^Investigation into misuse of medical lane passes prompts potential changes<

BORDER-MEDICAL-LANE:SD — Drivers, hoteliers and medical professionals in Tijuana are possibly abusing a fast lane pass originally meant for people with medical issues to bypass hours-long border traffic at the San Ysidro Port of Entry, a recent city investigation found.

Each year, millions of Americans cross into Baja California to undergo weight loss surgery, visit the dentist or have blood work done at a fraction of the U.S. cost. The number has nearly tripled in recent years with 800,000 medical tourists in 2014 to 2.4 million in 2018.

A special medical "Fast Lane" program opened in 2011 to allow the growing number of U.S. patients of registered Mexican doctors to pass through the San Ysidro border by crossing in a special fast lane and avoiding the notoriously long border waits.

1150 (with trims) by Wendy Fry and Alexandra Mendoza in Tijuana, Mexico. MOVED



^Just before trial, report details ExxonMobil's disinformation<

^ENV-EXXON-CLIMATECHANGE:LA—<Two days before ExxonMobil goes to court Wednesday, facing New York state accusations the oil company misled investors about climate change, a team of researchers released a report Monday outlining the company and the broader fossil fuel industry's decadeslong campaign of deception, and its success at confusing the American public.

The report, which was published by scientists at Harvard, George Mason and Bristol universities, draws parallels between the campaigns launched by tobacco companies and oil industries to mislead the public about their products, both with a goal of delaying government policies and regulations that could cut into their profits.

650 by Susanne Rust. MOVED


^The size of a bus, rare and endangered whale shark spotted off Florida coast<

^ENV-WHALESHARK:OS—<Bigger than Jaws, but not nearly as dangerous, the largest fish in the sea, a whale shark, was spotted off the Florida coast.

The endangered species of shark that can normally grow to more than 40 feet does is not normally seen in Florida, staying mainly in more tropical waters closer to the equator, but has been spotted all the way up to New York on occasion, according to the Florida Museum of Natural History.

250 by Richard Tribou. MOVED


^Space mice and robots among latest science heading into space from Wallops Island<

SCI-SPACE-MICE-ROBOTS:NN — Space mice, radiation vests, robotic avatars and recycling polymers for 3D printers are among the science experiments bound for the International Space Station on the next commercial resupply mission from Virginia.

Northrop Grumman's 12th robotic mission — and its first under a new NASA contract — is set to launch no earlier than 9:59 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 2, from the state-owned Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport on Wallops Island.

950 by Tamara Dietrich in Newport News, Va. MOVED




NEWSBRIEFS:MCT — Nation and world news briefs.

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^How the Supreme Court's review of a Louisiana abortion case could revive an overturned Texas law<

TEXAS-ABORTION:DA — Texas abortion supporters and opponents are awaiting a U.S. Supreme Court decision that could have ripple effects on women's access to the procedure nationwide.

The high court agreed this month to review a Louisiana law enacted in 2014 that requires abortion providers to have admitting privileges at a hospital within a 30-mile radius.

It's the same requirement the court struck down in 2016, the landmark Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt decision that overturned a 2013 Texas law. The 5-3 ruling set a new legal standard requiring courts to weigh the benefits of abortion restrictions against the burden they impose on women.

1050 (with trims) by Mar a M ndez in Austin, Texas. MOVED


^Glitches in California embolden automatic voter registration foes<

VOTER-REGISTRATION:SH — California's rollout of automatic voter registration didn't go as planned.

It seemed like a good idea: Cut the bureaucracy by adding voters automatically and welcome more residents to political participation. Since April 2018, when California residents go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to register a car or get a license, they are added to the state voter rolls — unless they opt out.

But DMV officials later found more than 100,000 registration errors in the first year.

Across the country, proponents of automatic voter registration often laud its ability to dramatically increase a state's voter rolls, bringing more people into the political process.

But at a time when momentum around automatic voter registration is building, the latest struggles in California have emboldened critics.

1750 (with trims) by Matt Vasilogambros in Washington. MOVED




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