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^Trump resumes Twitter attack on 4 Democratic congresswomen<

TRUMP-PROGRESSIVES:BLO — President Donald Trump on Sunday resumed his criticism of the four progressive Democratic congresswomen known as "The Squad," saying he didn't believe they were "capable of loving our country."

His Twitter message Sunday came a week after the president said that the women, all minorities, should "go back" to the "corrupt and inept" countries they came from.

200 by Ros Krasny and Nour Al Ali in Washington. MOVED



^Quizzing Mueller gives Democrats a fresh chance to hit at Trump<

^MUELLER-CONGRESS:BLO—<With Donald Trump's impeachment as the prize that some Democrats covet, and others fear, Robert Mueller will finally sit down on Wednesday for five hours of questioning before two House committees.

The reluctant witness won't make it easy. So Democrats on the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees have been strategizing over how to draw out the former special counsel, who has said he has no intention of going beyond the findings in the 448-page report he completed in March.

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^Where are the Trump officials? Aspen Forum goes on without them in 2019<

^TRUMP-ASPEN-FORUM:BLO—<ASPEN, Colo. — Call it the Case of the Vanishing Trump Administration Officials.

That was the mystery that played out at the 2019 Aspen Security Forum, where senior officials, thought leaders and reporters gather annually in one of America's wealthiest ski and sun playgrounds to debate timely matters of national security and foreign policy. The event was established a decade ago to bring Republicans and Democrats together for robust, bipartisan discussions.

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^Booker says confronting Biden on race issues is fair<

^BOOKER-DEBATE:BLO—<Presidential Democratic candidate Cory Booker on Sunday suggested he might confront former Vice President Joe Biden on racial issues during the second round of debates this month.

Booker, a New Jersey senator, said it would be "fair" to bring up the 1994 crime bill, which Biden supported in the Senate and has called the "Biden crime bill." Booker said the measure put "mass incarceration on steroids" for African Americans.

200 by Max Berley. MOVED



^New 'Lion King' soars at box office <

^BOX-OFFICE:LA—<Disney continued its box office winning streak over the weekend as the studio's live-action adaptation of "The Lion King" roared into theaters to the tune of $185 million in North American receipts, according to estimates from measurement firm Comscore.

200 . MOVED



^Trade restrictions being used as punishment, coercion <

^SANCTIONS-PUNISH:LA—<SEOUL — Leaders of some of the world's most powerful nations are posing new threats to the global economy by using trade sanctions to punish and coerce other countries on issues that have no substantial connection to trade or economics.

When Norway awarded a Nobel Prize to a dissident Chinese author in 2010, Beijing responded by clamping down on imports of Norwegian salmon. It punished the Philippines in 2012 with similar tactics over a territorial dispute that had nothing to do with trade.

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^Death penalty trials have continued despite Newsom's moratorium<

^CALIF-DEATHPENALTY:LA—<The attorneys were about two weeks into choosing a jury in an upcoming triple-murder trial when they had to toss out the work they'd done and send the potential jurors home.

The California Supreme Court essentially froze the death penalty trial of Jade Douglas Harris, which was set to start this month, as it decides whether it will consider an argument by his defense attorney that he can't get a fair trial in light of Gov. Gavin Newsom's moratorium on executions in the state.

850 by Alene Tchekmedyian. MOVED


^Biden, Sanders health care feud exposes Democrats to 2020 peril<

DEMOCRATS-HEALTHCARE:BLO — Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are engaged in open warfare over health care that could harden party divisions and play into the hands of President Donald Trump.

The tension points to a broader power struggle in Washington and on the campaign trail that pits long-dominant moderates like Biden against an insurgent wing led by Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. But a prolonged battle risks entrenching bitterness between the factions that threatens party unity heading into the general election.

Many prominent Democrats fear that backing an end to private health insurance means defeat in the presidential race and the competitive districts that won the party a House majority in 2018. They prefer more modest legislation to expand government-run insurance options.

1100 by Sahil Kapur in Washington. MOVED


^More than 700 people have filed to run for president. Why?<

2020-CANDIDATES-LONGSHOTS:LA — There is just about every shade of politics you can imagine represented by the people who run for president.

There is Vermin Supreme, the perennial candidate who wears a boot for a hat and wants to give everyone free ponies. Or 89-year-old Mike Gravel, a former senator from Alaska who is allowing two teens to run his antiwar protest candidacy. And there's Seven the Dog, whose principal campaign committee is the "Puppy Party — Friends of Seven the Dog."

Yes, they all are running.

Including two dozen prominent candidates running for the Democratic nomination, more than 700 people have filed with the Federal Election Commission to run. (Some, we hope, are in jest, like Chocolate Pancakes of Manchester, Conn.)

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