Jana Bridi, a junior at Harmony Magnet Academy, was selected to  play the flute at the National High School Honor Symphony Orchestra (NHSHSO) on Sunday, in Orlando, Fla. 

She was selected out of a nationwide audition for high school students.

She has been playing flute since seventh grade at Oak Grove Elementary in Visalia, and commutes to HMA, and said, “This is a really good school. So it’s all worth it.”

She’s taking College Chemistry and two AP classes in American History and English besides her regular classes.

“But, I’m also in the Engineering Pathways Environmental Sustainability, and it’s really important to take action for our future and our climate.”

Bridi sent in an audition video to the National Association for Music Education judges. She said,”You have to play a really technical excerpt of music which I did this past summer of 2019. And I was selected out of all the high school flutists in America. I am really excited to represent my school. I’ll be in Florida when I’ll be playing in the National High School Honor Symphony Orchestra, where they’ll be playing a variety of songs, and music from different genres.”

Bridi left for Florida on Thursday.

Bridi’s mother Maha Ezawi, will be accompanying her to Florida, where the NAFME organizers are giving all the student musicians a day to spend at Disney World.

“I’m really excited to play with people from across the country, that are coming together to play music to inspire others,” said the gifted young flutist, “and I hope they keep having music in schools for our future generations to grow and learn.”

Bridi has a sister, Lana, who attends USC, and brother, Busher, who attends U.C. Merced, and are both graduates of HMA.

Their father is Chadi Bridi, an orthodontist in Visalia.

Nicholas Walters, Strathmore High School Band Director, teased Jana, and said with a grin, “Jana’s the worst student I’ve ever had.” Just kidding.

He said with a smile, “Jana is a fabulous young lady and she comes from an equally wonderful family. She works hard and deserves any credit and opportunity that comes her way. The Spartan Band wishes her the best of luck in Orlando this weekend.”

Walters said they play all kinds of classical music, but lately they’ve been playing a lot of pop music for football games. But the HMA Symphony Orchestra plays high classical and some pop music.

Jeff Brown, Principal of HMA, said, “We are very proud of Jana at HMA, and what she has achieved. But, I have to say, I am not surprised. It’s been a forte of her family. Her older sister and brother both graduated from here, and are attending university.

“We all wish her our best. And give her our full support.”


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