The state of California gave the go-ahead for nail salons in purple counties to open indoor operations on Tuesday.

On its website which updates what can be opened in counties based on their current status, the state now states it's OK for nail salons to open indoors with modifications in purple counties.

Purple is the most restrictive category in the state. Tulare County is in the purple category. Previously, nail salons were only able to open outdoors in purple counties.

Counties, though, still have the option to keep nail salons closed. As of Tuesday afternoon, Tulare County Health and Human Services hadn't issued any statement concerning the status of nail salons in the county.

Dr. Mark Ghaly, California’s Health and Human Services Department director, said Tuesday state have been working with county officials on a way to allow nail salons to reopen indoors.

“We’re of course very sensitive, and interested, to support economic sectors throughout the state,” Ghaly said.

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