U.S. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield has endorsed Duf Sundheim for a U.S. Senate seat from California. 

“I have worked with Duf for over a decade, back to when I was Republican leader in the California Assembly and Duf was chairman of the California Republican Party,” McCarthy said. “Duf is a strong, thoughtful leader who gets things done. I look forward to working with Duf to shift our priorities from medium-speed trains to develop a reliable, environmentally responsible water supply for all Californians.” 

McCarthy has joined U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan to advance a reform agenda they say will put Americans back to work and make them more financially secure. They have sought and received bipartisan support. 

“Kevin shows the American dream still is achievable today,” Sundheim said. “Once elected, I look forward to working with Kevin to develop a strong bridge between the House and the Senate to get the business of the people done.” 

Sundheim is currently campaigning across the Central Valley as part of his “One California” border-to-border tour, and will be in East Porterville on Thursday.

He played a key role in the only successful recall of a governor in California history. Sundheim and his family reside in Northern California.

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