A man accused in a hit and run incident that killed a 15-year-old boy on Friday night has been arrested.

The California Highway Patrol stated a man only identified as H. Torres, 23, was arrested. Torres is accused of hitting the teen who was riding his bicycle on Olive and Newcomb.

An Exeter ambulance had to respond to the fatal hit and run. Steve Golden, a paramedic with the Exeter Ambulance District, said he was the one who responded to the fatal hit and run. Golden said someone riding a quad razor hit the boy riding his bicycle and fled the scene.

It's the second fatal hit and run in that area this year. 15-year-old Jayden Arias was riding his bicycle when he was struck by a hit and run driver in May. 23-year-old Havey Jacobo was accused of driving under the influence in the incident and was arrested.

Golden said he was heading to Lindsay where he was assigned and is also covered by the Exeter District. Golden said he had just arrived in Lindsay when he received the call to head to Porterville at about 8 p.m..

Golden said it look him less than 10 minutes to arrive on the scene of the incident from Lindsay. He admitted he didn't believe the was any impact on the outcome of the incident by how long it took him to arrive there but he added, “what about the next time it happens.”

He also added there was one less ambulance in the Exeter area because of what happened on Friday night. “We're doing without an ambulance on Friday because we're going to Porterville,” Golden said.

Golden said the three ambulances that serve Exeter are taxed to the limit as it is and said on Monday one of the ambulances is out of commission and needs repairs.

He said he wants to make it known “all the ways it's going to impact me and my district” about the current situation.

The Exeter Ambulance District oversees the operation of ambulances in that city while Imperial Ambulance oversees the operation of ambulances in Porterville.

“There were not any other ambulances available at that time,” said Imperial Ambulance Director of Operations Scott Scheer about Imperial not having an ambulance available on Friday night. “All of the other cities are under contract to help out in those circumstances.”

He added about the incident on Friday, “it was delayed unfortunately but not that much.”

Scheer said at the time of the incident one Imperial ambulance was doing a transfer of a patient to San Jose, another was returning from transferring a patient to Sacramento and a third was also about to do a long-distance transfer. He added two other Imperial ambulances were already on emergency calls at that time in Porterville and Imperial had no other ambulances available.

He added about those on the emergency calls “they cannot divert,” saying they couldn't leave to go to the scene of the fatal hit and run.

Scheer also said Imperial serves Sierra View Medical Center which called for all the long-distance transfers. “They are discharges from the hospital,” he said. “We take care of those discharges as well.”

But Golden said ambulances from Exeter are still coming to Porterville numerous times a day.

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