The process for the Lindsay-Strathmore Irrigation District to repay a $12 million loan for the United States Department of Agriculture was advanced on Wednesday.

The Tulare County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) approved two items dealing with the land area of the Lindsay-Strathmore Irrigation District on Wednesday.

The approval of the items moved along the process for LSID to repay the USDA loan which is being used to replace 30,000 feet of pipeline in the district.

LSID general manager Craig Wallace said there were “parcels cut in half” that needed to be addressed in the adjustment of the land area in the district. “We’re not adding anybody into the system,” Wallace said.

In one of the items, the annexation of 229 acres into the district and the removal of 310 acres from the district were approved.

A report attached to the LAFCO agenda stated the boundaries were being readjusted “to clean up the district boundaries in preparation for a Prop 218 election for a supplemental assessment.” Proposition 218, passed in 1996, essentially requires local agencies to have voter approval when it comes to how taxes are assessed.

Wallace said the district hopes to have a plan to submit to those in the district in which the bulk of it would deal with the repayment of the loan in the next couple of months. He said it’s hoped then the proposal would be sent out to all of those in the district to vote on this summer.

There were 488 parcels affected by the adjusted boundaries. Most of the parcels receive water through the City of Lindsay and the drinking water of those residences being removed from the district wouldn’t be affected. 

A map of the areas being annexed and removed can be found here:

At the LAFCO meeting, a proposal for a Sphere of Influence amendment for 45.3 acres was also approved. The Sphere of Influence allows LSID to seek annexation of that land in the future if it chooses.

The land is bisected by Holworthy Drive between Avenue 222 and Avenue 228 alignments.

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