Taco Truck Cantina close to opening

The Taco Truck Cantina at 29 N. Main Street is nearly ready to open its doors to the public, and partners Reynaldo Herrera, Sergio Tapia and Richard McMullen couldn’t be happier.

Their vision for the business is to open a spot where people want to hang out, socialize and have some wonderful Mexican food. 

Herrera sees the business as “a taco business that doesn’t see other taco shops as competitors, but rather embraces their ability to preserve and revolutionize the heritage of Mexican food.”

He allowed The Recorder into the restaurant for a sneak peek at the nearly complete interior. 

The walls are colorful and bright. In the dining area, portraits of the people who inspired the restaurant’s owners to follow their vision are painted in great detail. A taco truck is painted on the wall, and will be the place customers go to order their food. 

The menu will be a range of Mexican food that’s most often found sold at traditional taco trucks. Herrera said the menu will feature at least one special section.

“Inspired Eats is one section of our menu that will celebrate and honor the tacos of other taco businesses who are successful,” said Herrera. “It will change monthly.”

The interior of the building is just about down, and the trio of men are still debating on how to treat the exterior. A few panels of brick decorate a small portion of the building outside, and the men are wondering if they should paint the bricks to match the inside.

Tapia said the business is in training mode right now, and are shooting to open sometime in August. The Taco Truck Cantina is looking to hire most of their employees through the Employment Development Department (EDD) so that members of the community who are searching for jobs, have a better opportunity to work within their city. Tapia said that they would rather go through EDD but if that doesn’t work out, the cantina will accept applications.

Eating at the Taco Truck Cantina is set to be not only a delicious experience, but also an educational one. Herrera wants their passion for Mexican food to be evident, and he wants the community to learn what  influences brought the business to life.

“We are here not only to feed the Porterville community, but also to educate them,” said Herrera.

The business has hosted several “sneak peek” showings of its restaurant in order for the community to track  its progress and begin to amplify the excitement for its grand opening. What once began as a totally bare and blank building has been transformed into a modern and sophisticated work of art that lays out the inspiration and reasons behind the business.

The trio of partners anticipate they will be opening to serve the public beginning in August. No hard data has been released for their grand opening.

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