Sierra View Medical Center will begin constructing a new skilled nursing facility in 2020.

In a statement issued by the hospital on Tuesday, the Sierra View District which manages the hospital has decided to replace the existing 35-bed distinct part skilled nursing faclity now located within the Sierra View Medical Center.

A new DPSNF facility will be constructed just east and adjacent to the hospital on land owned by the hospital where a parking lot is now.

The new facility will have 44 beds and will be a 29,470 square foot complex. The projected cost of the facility is about $26.5 million. Sierra View is issuing bonds to pay for the project.

Sierra View will submit plans for the project to the state by the end of this year.

It generally takes the state about a year to review the plans, which means construction of the facility should begin in early 2021. Construction of the facility should take less than a year, meaning it should be open by the end of 2021.

With the relocation of the skilled nursing and sub-acute services, the existing skilled nursing space within Sierra View Medical Center that will be vacated will be demolished as part of Sierra View District's plans to meet state earthquake retrofit requirements.

Sierra View's skilled nursing care provides for patients who require long-term inpatient medical care with a team of physicians, nurses and other professionals. 

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