The debut of the 2019 farmers market on Main Street begins on Thursday. Instead of hosting the certified farmers market in the Sierra View Medical Center (SVMC) parking lot, the market will be moving to Main Street, just outside of City Hall. 

Those who plan to attend will find themselves caught in an array of vegetable choices to choose from, as well as fruits and even some fresh cut meats. 

Vine Ripe Beefsteak Tomatoes hosts their colorful display of fresh tomatoes, carrots and bell peppers. Some of the tomatoes are massive and have a unique shape to them. The beefsteak tomatoes make their journey all the way from Hanford to be sold. 

Another popular item at the market is apricots. Zulim Produce of Visalia will have no shortage of apricots on their tables for sale. These soft and delicate fruits are definitely a summer favorite. 

Cottage Grove out of Ivanhoe has a special kind of apricot up for grabs; the aprium which is a hybrid fruit that’s two-thirds apricot and one-third plum. Cottage Grove also carries pluots. The deep purple pluots are the exact opposite of apriums, and are one-third apricot and two-thirds plum. These special fruits will hopefully be available as well as other fresh fruits including oranges, grapefruits, cherries and peaches.

Another vendor who travels from Hanford is Rancho Notso Grande who will bring dark, rich berries for the community to buy. Sweet yet tart blueberries can be sampled, as well as the lesser known Olallie berry. Boysenberries and blackberries will be readily available, as well as bagged pecans and walnuts.

If shoppers aren’t interested in fruits, the market’s vegetable selection is set to be just as abundant.

B Vang Farms from Fresno brings a large display of greens. From kale to herbs, B Vang Farms has the veggie selection covered.

Safe Haven Heirloom Farms out of Dinuba hosts a fresh selection of greens like green beans, squash, micro-greens, lettuce and arugula. Safe Haven Heirloom Farms may even have freshly packaged chicken and homemade natural bars of soap. 

Those with a hankering for something sweet can visit True Gold Honey. The mom and son team of Sarah and Tyler Sample, promote their fourth generation honey company and host a table filled with different flavored honeys. The Lindsay based honey farm proudly displays their award-winning Wild Buckwheat honey, and offers eager buyers samples of their honey flavors. They also proudly inform their customers they’re in several Save Mart stores, and offer custom orders of honey with the combs included.

SVMC should have several informative booths stationed around the market. Pamphlets regarding nutritional education, the Roger S. Good Cancer Treatment Center, palliative care services, and care transition services, among others are available to the community. Small first aid kits may also be available.

SVMC encourages the community to take advantage of the Farmer’s Market. The community is welcome to stop by the market on Main Street, beginning at 8 a.m.

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