Lindsay’s City Council will meet for a regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, and have several important items on their agenda. 

The meeting will open with public comment, This is the time in which the public is encouraged to address the Council on any matters under their jurisdiction. Each speaker will receive three minutes at the stand, with a total of 30 minutes for the entire public comment period. All comments regarding any public hearings should be held until the proper time indicated during the scheduled public hearing.

Each Council member, as well as city staff, will report after the closing of public comment. These reports will address any meetings, events or activities that the Council participated in over the previous two weeks. Staff will report on past and upcoming city events and update on the status of city utilities.

The Council’s consent calendar for Tuesday is rather short, consisting of only four items. These items may be approved in one motion, unless a Council member requests to pull an item for further discussion. Tuesday night’s consent calendar is composed of the following items that are up for approval: City Council minutes from July 9, Resolution 19-48 to reassign retirement plan 45b trustees, the warrant list for July 1 through July 16 and Support of S.2012 for restoring the Local Control Over Public Infrastructure Act.

There is one public hearing scheduled for Tuesday night, and it concerns Resolution 19-46 which addresses the annexation of a water treatment plant, and the prezoning for the plant. There are three parcels about a mile and a half west of the City of Lindsay that contain the Lindsay Wastewater Treatment Plan. The City of Lindsay owns these parcels, but they are under County jurisdiction because they are not inside the city limits. The City would like to officially annex the land into the city. Time will be allotted for the public to address this matter. The public is encouraged to use this time to provide feedback to the Council on this item before they make their voting decision.

The Council has two study sessions on the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting. The first is to discuss and study an accessory dwelling ordinance, and the second is set to address sign ordinances. Both of these study sessions will be presented by a contract planner.

Resolution 19-47 is up for Council approval on Tuesday. This resolution is to officially appoint Jack Urquhart as the Lindsay City Clerk.

The Director of Finance, Bret Harmon, will give a presentation to the Council regarding refuse rates and the state mandate.The City of Lindsay contracts with Mid Valley Disposal (MVD) for refuse services. These services include residential, commercial and industrial trash hauling, recyclable collection and green waste collection. The service must expand to handle organics recycling to meet a new state mandate. Harmon will present information about the refuse service fees, a state mandate on organics recycling and the Prop 218 process to adjust and add related fees. He will also present a draft of the report on refuse rates as well as a draft of the Public Notice the Council would issue for a Prop 218 on refuse rates. Harmon is ultimately seeking Council feedback and recommendations on how to proceed.

The Council will continue their discussion by transitioning into an in-depth look at the cannabis RFP review process. At the previous meeting, Council member Yolanda Flores requested that the Council hold a discussion regarding how candidates will be scored and chosen by the city as potential cannabis related businesses. 

Council member Roseana Sanchez has requested further information on how long a term is on the Health Advisory Committee, and asked staff to add it to the agenda for this meeting. She will receive clarification on term lengths and reappointments Tuesday evening.

City Manager Bill Zigler is asking the Council to schedule a special meeting for the Council and senior staff members regarding sexual harassment and discrimination training. The Council will come to a consensus about a date at the meeting.

Before requests for future agenda items can be made, the Council will close to the public and enter in to executive session where they will negotiate the price of a parcel. Once the Council reconvenes from closed session, future agenda items will be noted before the meeting adjourns. 

This meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 23, beginning at 6 p.m. inside Council Chambers at City Hall located at 251 E. Honolulu Street in Lindsay.

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