This year’s Mountain Festival in Camp Nelson at the main community meadow was full to the rafters; no the trees. 

Kids were having fun in the field doing hand-stands, having gunny sack races, and trying to pass a hula-hoop to each other without taking it off in fun games. As well as just running around and having a great time in the sunny meadow surrounded by large trees and mountains.

Jerry Hall and Trickshot entertained the large crowd with their mix of Western song, and everyone was having a darn good time on Saturday, during the two day festival.

Michelle Ray estimated there were about 2,000 people at the festival, but it looked like a lot more. There were 46 vendors including the Fire department with its beautiful red fire engines that the kids were enjoying, and even climbing on one. The Forest Service was there, as well as the local ambulance service. 

There was lots of food and drink, as well wonderful local crafts, the Women’s Club, and Cathy Everett helping folks with back therapy. Stacie Childers, the baker and owner of Butterdream Bakery said it was her first time having the bakery set up at the festival. She was selling delectable homemade cupcakes, fudge, and cookies, as well as drinks and tea.

Two women and children visited the bakery and bought goodies for the kids. “We come to the festival every year,” said Heather Thompson-Young, and her friend Taryn Nichols, said, “This is my first time to the mountain festival, and the weather is great, the food is good, and there are great vendors. It’s a really nice local event up here.”

Historian Bill Horst who knows the in-and-outs of much of the local California history was enjoying the festival with friends Ron and Patti McAllister and Marlene Mainord, as well as helping sell a huge array of mountain festival T-shirts, hats and a few other items.

When asked about the size of the crowd, Horst said, “There’s a whole hell of a lot of people here.” 

Delightful handmade birdhouses and fanciful “fairie” garden cottages and other painted wooden garden and house decorations were being sold by Cheryl and John Houy who said, “This is our first time selling at the Mountain Festival.” Cheryl is a retired teacher and this is her new hobby. “We started making the little homes out of cedar wood this summer. Some of the wood is reclaimed and some new. We started working on them in our own garden and this just took off.”

Rodelyn Lipumano-Smith and her sister Regine Lipumano were enjoying the festival celebrating Regine’s birthday together. They had never been to the festival before, and Rodelyn said, “The location is gorgeous and this is our first time ever at Camp Nelson. It’s a perfect way to spend the day before school starts.”

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