Joan Murdock was recently helping Becki Eaton at the Porterville Art Association gallery on and said, “The quilts are wonderful in the fabric art show. All of the work that goes into them is amazing. The one I did the ‘double-take’ on has the chickens. I saw all the colors first, it’s really subtle, and all of a sudden I realized the triangles are chickens. It’s definitely worth a second look.”

The Fabric Art Show is up until September 14 at the Porterville Art Association and Gallery at 151 North Main Street, from Wednesday through Saturday, 10 a.m until 4 p.m.

Textile Fabric Artists for the Featured “Collective” Artists Exhibit who created small quilts, fabric wall art, fabric dolls and more were Becki Eaton, Ellen Jordan, Sue Marcotte, Rose Johnson, Rebecca Haley, Itzcuauhtli Che Hinojosa, Kelly Marcelino, Phyllis Taylor and Veronica Slobodnik.

Jo Nell Mauck, who was teaching a rock painting class to four children, said the fabric art had inspired her to go back to sewing after many years. “The quilts and fabric art are refreshingly fantastic. Beautiful and super creative. The meticulous precision with thread a fabric is so inspiring.”

Ellen Jordan, of Porterville, said, “The quilts I have in the Porterville Art Gallery are all challenge quilts. ‘Looking Up’ was made for the Redbud Festival for the anniversary of the national parks. My reference photo was looking up at the redwoods from below. I expressed the feeling of their height and varying shades of greens and browns as light filtered through the leaves and threw shadows in other places. 

“‘Seen from Above’ was a challenge for the 2019 Best of the Valley Quilt Show. The main idea was an expression about the valley’s agriculture. I thought of how our farming areas look from a bird’s-eye view or from an airplane, and the greens and browns represent various crops and fallow land.

“‘The Twist’ was a challenge for Porterville Quilters. Colors range from warm to cool and the design forms a giant zigzag. The title was supposed to be based on a song from my teenage years.”

For more information call Porterville Art Association at 784-4323 or Becki Eaton 539-2562.

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