Fresh serving of fruits and veggies

Main Street was alive with people and colorful farm fresh foods on Thursday, at the first Sierra View Medical Center (SVMC) hosted certified farmers market on Main Street. The market opened in May, but was placed in the SVMC parking lot for the first half of the season.

Now, the section of Main Street in front of City Hall will be blocked off every Thursday morning for the market and locals are encouraged to come out and shop for farm fresh fruits and vegetables.

Vine Ripe Beefsteak Tomatoes from Hanford had bright red tomatoes, a striking assembly of bell peppers and sweet smelling corn laid out on their display tables, and groups of eager buyers lingered under their shady canopies contemplating which vegetables they should take home.

Zulim Produce of Visalia had piles of fruit on their table for sale. Several of the market attendees rifled through the juicy fruits to find the ripest ones to purchase.

Cottage Grove out of Ivanhoe had sacks of oranges, grapefruits, fruit bowls and more laid out for consumers to spot. Their low prices drew in crowds of five or six people at a time.

Traveling from Hanford, farm fresh berries from Rancho Notso Grande brought dark, rich berries for the community to buy. Sweet yet tart blueberries could be sampled, as well as the lesser known Olallie berry. Boysenberries and blackberries were also readily available.

B Vang Farms from Fresno had the largest selection of greens. From kale to herbs, B Vang Farms had the veggie selection covered. Plenty of peas, zucchini, summer squash, and carrots, among many other choices were available, and the cheery B Vang workers greeted each customer with a smile.

Other vendors such as Safe Haven Heirloom Farms out of Dinuba and True Gold Honey from Lindsay hosted tables of their special products. True Gold Honey displayed large jars of their deliciously sweet honey, some of which still had the full honeycomb stuck inside.

SVMC, San Joaquin Valley College, Family Healthcare Network and CalWorks had informational booths stationed at the far side of the market. Pamphlets regarding nutritional education were passed out, and Family Healthcare ran blood sugar tests on those willing to have their finger pricked by a sharp needle.

For attendees who were just looking for a late breakfast or early lunch, there were four options to choose from. The Nitro Bike featured artisanally crafted coffee and teas, and Los Grullenses offered fresh mexican food. Twitty’s Dog House served hot dogs, polish dogs and locally made brats, and a fresh lemonade stand squeezed lemons to make the sweetest lemonades.

SVMC encourages the community to take advantage of the Farmer’s Market that’s hosted every Thursday morning on Main Street. The community is welcome to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables beginning at 8 a.m. The market stays open until around 11:30 a.m.

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