From March 29, 2003 to May 29, 2019, Luz and Tom Hughes have provided dedicated service to the community through their made independently owned Sears Hometown store. Recently, the couple made the executive decision together to step away from their store and are looking forward to what the future holds for them.

After leaving the Los Angeles area in 2003, the Hughe began with an appliance store at 1227 W. Olive Avenue.

“We had an opportunity to buy a business, which was the Sears store, and get away from the big city of Los Angeles,” said Tom about reasoning behind the couple’s move to Porterville. “We had a five year old daughter and we wanted to raise her in a smaller community. We just wanted to have the small town atmosphere and we thought we could be pretty successful.”

Luz and Tom became deeply involved in the community, something they plan to continue to do in the future.

“Ever since we came in 2003, we have been involved in the community,” said Luz. “We have sponsored several sports teams, high schools and middle schools. You name it, we have been very involved in sports in the community. We’ve sponsored charities as well. We have donated to several organizations too. We were, and will continue to be, involved in the community.”

The future looks bright for Tom and Luz. Although they have stepped away from their Sears Hometown store, they plan to work with Aaron Baxter at Bright House Energy and focus on solar power.

“The future of (Bright House) is bringing on Tom and Luz, and welcoming them to our team,” said Baxter in an interview with The Recorder. “They owned Sears for 16 years. They ran a local business in town for a long time and it was very successful and they have a very solid reputation. And so we think they’re really going to help us expand our horizons here in Porterville.”

Tom and Luz say they’re blessed and are looking forward to spending more time with their daughter and new grandbaby.

“We are very grateful to all the people who did (shop with us), and there were several people who were loyal customers,” said Tom. “We want to thank them.”

“We are home and we are enjoying our family,” said Luz. “Right now we are blessed because we have our grandbaby and we have our daughter."

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