This Saturday’s Barn Theater Hosscars spans generations as a popular ABBA musical, a shop and another popular children’s musical lead the nominations.

The 71st Hosscars will be held at 7 p.m. at the Barn Theater. Seats are $15 and reservations can be made at

Mamma Mia has been nominated for 13 Hosscars while Mary Poppins Jr. received plenty of nominations in juvenile categories, piling up 17 Hosscar nominations overall, including Best Production. Also nominated for Best Production were Mamma Mia Little Shop of Horrors, Drinking Habits and Rumors. Little Shop of Horrors received 14 nominations.

 Nominated for Best Direction were Denise Everhart for Little Shop of Horrors, Mary Shaw for Mary Poppins Jr. and Charles Hickinbotham for Drinking Habits.

Nominated for Best Actress in a Lead Role were Kate Smith in Rumors and Kim Day in Mamma Mia. Kristin Redford received two nominations for Best Actress in a Lead Role for Mamma Mia and Little Shop of Horrors. 

Nominated for Best Actor in a Lead Role were Buzz Piersol in Rumors, Ernesto Ruiz in Little Shop of Horrors and Jason Porter in Mamma Mia.

With all of this year’s nominees, the evening promises to be filled with plenty of music, laughter and awards. And of course there’s the post awards party, the theater gala complete with the tasty food that comes with it.

The nominees are:


Best Actress - Bit Part

- Leslie Pelon – Mamma Mia

- Madeline Black - Rumors

- Ambree Bough, Jen Piersol – Little Shop of Horrors


Best Actor - Bit Part

- Hunter Bock – Mamma Mia

- Steve Ross – Little Shop of Horrors

- Steve Ross - Rumors


Best Actress - Minor Support

- Ambree Bough - Rumors

- Kallysta Tyler – Little Shop of Horrors

- Kate Smith – Drinking Habits

Best Actor - Minor Support

- Auggie Hernandez – Little Shop of Horrors

- Chris Shepard – Little Shop of Horrors

- Todd Mathenia – Mamma Mia

Best Actress - Major Support

- Ambree Bough – Drinking Habits

- Barbi Black – Mamma Mia

- Margeaux Boyd, Emma Raymond, Nicole McAvoy – Little  Shop of Horrors

Best Actor - Major Support

- Connor Nielsen – Mamma Mia

- Jason Porter – Little Shop of Horrors

- Rick Alanis – Drinking Habits

Best Actress - Lead Role

- Kate Smith - Rumors

- Kim Day – Mamma Mia


- Kristin Redford – Mamma Mia

- Kristin Redford - Little Shop of Horrors

Best Actor - Lead Role

- Buzz Piersol - Rumors

- Ernesto Ruiz – Little Shop of Horrors

- Jason Porter – Mamma Mia

Best Juvenile Actress - Bit Part

- Ella Clausen – Mamma Mia

- Hannah McCoy – Mary Poppins Jr.

- Ryan Shearer – Mary Poppins Jr.

Best Juvenile Actor - Bit Part

- Todd Mathenia – Mary Poppins Jr.

- Omar Ortiz – Mary Poppins Jr.

- Luke Satko – Mary Poppins Jr.


Best Juvenile Actress - Supportive Role

- Caitlin Plumlee – Mary Poppins Jr.

- Kierstin Hall – Mary Poppins Jr. 

- Macy McCoy – Mary Poppins Jr.


Best Juvenile Actor - Supportive Role

- Benjamin Satko – Mary Poppins Jr.

- Ethan Willet – Mamma Mia

- Ethan Burkhart – Mary Poppins Jr.

Best Juvenile Actress - Lead Role

- Hannah Jones – Mary Poppins Jr.

- Katelynn Manley – Mary Poppins Jr.

- Sarah Totty – Mary Poppins Jr.


Best Juvenile Actor - Lead Role


- Gage Phipps – Mary Poppins Jr.

- Daniel Satko – Mary Poppins Jr.

- Ethan Willet – Mary Poppins Jr.

Best Lights & Sound

- Drinking Habits – Benjamin Satko

- Little Shop of Horrors - McKenna Allison, Dezha  Guillermo, Gino Guillermo, Jamika Guillermo, Charles Hickinbotham

- Rumors – Mike Proctor


Best Costume(s)

- Drinking Habits – Wendy Plaisted

- Little Shop of Horrors - Denise Everhart, Crissy Bunch,       

  Ambree Bough, Kim Day, Jennifer Piersol

- Mary Poppins Jr. – Susan Uptain, Edith LaVonne

Best Set Design

- Drinking Habits – Nate Smith, Wendy Plaisted

- Mamma Mia – Mary Shaw

- Little Shop of Horrors - Denise Everhart

Best Set Décor

- Little Shop of Horrors – Denise Everhart, Crissy Bunch

- Mamma Mia – Rhonda Cemo, Susan Uptain

- Mary Poppins Jr. – Rhonda Cemo, Melody Burkhart

Best Direction

- Denise Everhart – Little Shop of Horrors

- Dr. Mary Shaw – Mary Poppins Jr. 

- Charles Hickinbotham – Drinking Habits

Best Production

-Little Shop of Horrors

-Mary Poppins Jr.

-Drinking Habits


-Mamma Mia

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