Huge enthusiastic crowd overflows Centennial Park

How often do the people of Porterville get a chance to attend a free concert on Main St. in Porterville? According to Bill Lynch, General Manager of Momentum Broadcasting this is the third year they’ve brought country music artists to Porterville and the Central Valley, together with hosts Drew, Tory, and Chad of the Morning Show from KJUG Radio.

Introducing the show, KJUG hosts said, “It’s been a long time and we’ve missed you. We had to postpone the last concerts, due to rain! But we’ll reschedule. 

The hosts thanked everyone for coming out to the show and introduced up-and-coming country music star Trea Landon, who opened the show, for other country musicians Brandon Ratcliff and Matt Stell. They thanked Veterans, first responders, and firefighters. Then everyone saluted the flag and sang the national anthem.

Landon, hailing from Georgia opened the show with half a dozen songs or more, to great applause and enjoyment from the huge overflowing enthusiastic crowd of well over 500 or more people in Centennial Park on Main St. and surrounding areas. Families, children and grandparents, familiies with their  pets, were having an outstanding time all evening.

Landon introduced himself to the crowd and said, “Us boys we’re used to the Georgia heat,” and said he grew up in a very small town in Southern Georgia, called Claxton, near Savannah.” He spoke about his background and sang a song about living in a small town. His next song was about his college experiences, which brought great applause and acclaim.

There was a short break and the concert hosts thanked the Porterville Chamber of Commerce for helping arrange the concert, as well as other sponsors, and KJUG, and well as the exceptionally large and appreciative audience. It was an evening of exceptional entertainment and the crowd was loving it.


When Landon returned to the stage he said, “I’m having such a good time. We’ve got one more song called, “When I get there,” and it’s already been released.”


Landon said backstage that and his band were travelling up to Fresno for a week, and possibly farther up California.


Brandon Ratcliff was the next artist to perform and he sang the song, “You feel like home to me,” after which he introduced his band Ben, Cooper, and Nathan. They next performed a new song “Friends don’t let friends drink alone.” Ratcliff explained his next song and called it his “F.U.” song representing someone coming back into your life.


That song had great syncopation and lyrics which the audience really enjoyed. A young mother danced with her child, and other small children were having a great time dancing to the music. Ratcliff said he was from a small town in Louisiana, called Cotton Valley, and talked about how a town and people moved on in life. He also explained about his talented musical family, the Cox family, who performed with country greats like Dolly Parton, Allison Krause, and others before he played “Slow Down Hometown.”


Children were playing with beach balls, and people had their dogs with them, there was even a kitten on a leash, and a cat sitting on someone’s back. Everyone was getting a great kick out of all of the songs, and Ratcliff was very pleased and said, “this has been really fun. Give it up for Trea, and give it up for Matt, even though I haven’t heard him play.


This is my debut in country radio, and my name is Brandon Ratcliff. Thank you guys.” Ratcliff sang his newly released song, “The Rules of Breaking Up,” to loud acclaim.


Sitting in the middle of Centennial Park, not too far from the stage, Juanita and Leonard Patton said, “We really appreciate this concert. It’s good entertainment. And clean for the whole family. KJUG has been our favorite radio for ever.  This is just great what they’ve done. Bringing this concert to Porterville.”


The hosts introduced country artist Matt Stell, saying, “He got a publishing deal that changed this guy’s life. He could have been a basketball player.” He had an album come out in January, and will be performing at the Tachi Palace August 7, 2019. He is an Arista National Recording artist and said, “I’m going to play some songs I made up,” to laughs from the audience. 


In the audience Randy Paquette said with humor and appreciation, “Talking about drinking and broken hearts. That’s what country music is about.”


Stell thanked KJUG for having parties like this, and sang “It’s a Great Day to be Alive.” The next song he sang was Time Moves Everywhere but On.


The audience was rapt and enthusiastic for all three musicians performances, and it was an enjoyable evening for everyone. Stell introduced his band, Page Miller on the drums, Brian Toole on technology, and performed “I pray for you,” to applause from the crowd. 


When the concert was over people from the audience got in line to have their pictures taken with Ratcliffe and Stell by Rose Ortega from KJUG, and chatted with Rick McNeil from KJUG.


Paquette and his wife Patti, both musicians, said they moved to Porterville years ago because of the strong love and support of music in the community as well as the support of the people in town. This was a fabulous show.”


“We are glad that the community comes out to support the shows,” said Lynch, “This is our third concert, and we hope to be here many more.”

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